Over the years I’ve worked with many clients, from small unknown brands to well-known blue chips. To give you a flavour of my work ethic and deliverables, I’ve selected a handful, but representative list of comments that have been made by clients and former colleagues. Inspiring, energy giver, passionate, caring, joined up, professional, creative, strategic big thinker, problem solver, process driven and effective communicator are words that are typically used to describe us. Oh, and fun! 😉

“Jane has a lateral thinking and deeply creative mind married with a clear understanding on social media strategies. She is an invaluable component in any business that is looking for a strong, clear formula to utilise social media and digital marketing to raise their profile. Her clarity of vision across a wide spectrum of brands is unique, in so much as she recognises that each client is different; at different levels in terms of understanding digital. She teaches and guides each client comprehensively with understanding and patience so that they, in time, and when they feel ready, can control and manage their own social media strategies with confidence and imagination.”

Emma Roberts is MD of Big Voice Management, a PR firm of creative and communication experts. With strengths in imaginative content creation, effective communication strategies and brand awareness, Big Voice focusses on quality and long-term brand and consumer relationships, getting right into the heart of the brand and the mind of the consumer.

“Jane played a key role in developing a number of initiatives and advancements and brought a high degree of professionalism and expertise to her role and the Group. Jane is not only a highly experienced IT security professional, she is also a very commercially, systems/ processes astute and driven senior operator. Both myself and my Marketing team enjoyed and a benefited from the understanding, support and involvement that Jane had with the Marketing function, its development and output. I can, without reservation, recommend her.”

Nathan Milnes, as Head of Marketing at NCC Group, a technology company.

“Thank you Jane for providing us with such incredibly useful resources. Your online knowledge coupled with your business acumen and enthusiasm are a winning combination. We recently worked on a great marketing project together and your direction, advice and follow through has been invaluable. I Look forward to doing many more projects with you in the future. You have a fabulous work ethic and sense of humour. A creative person that follows key processes, a rare combination indeed.”

Aminah Gianfranscesco is a Regional Vice President of Arbonne, a global health and wellness company.

“Hand on heart, Jane is one of the most inspiring British businesses women I have met to date. Her enthusiasm for what she does is infectious and uplifting.”

Beryl Whiting, is a co Founder and host of Wired for Success TV, a web TV show that brings new thinking and non conformist ideas into your life to inspire and support you in creating a life brimming with success. The show holds fascinating conversations and offers cool resources to help you ‘Master the 7 Areas of Your Life’ to become fully, WiredForSuccess!

“I had the pleasure of working with Jane at Corsaire for a number of years at Corsaire. As Commercial Director, Jane helped establish and grow Corsaire into a highly successful and respected consultancy during her time there, taking the company through a number of redevelopments, and winning and maintaining major contracts with FTSE 100 and 250 clients. Jane was a progressive and dynamic influence on the business, always willing to explore new opportunities, and invested significant effort into improving the businesses operations, with excellent results.”

David Ryan, co Founder and Director of CheckSec, a technology company.

“Jane is one of the most charismatic person I’ve ever met or worked with. One thing that hits you almost immediately when you meet Jane is her enthusiasm, energy and positivity. Jane’s ability to spot niche opportunities in all kinds of markets (especially InfoSec) coupled with her can-do attitude puts any organisation she works for, in drive mode. She can easily grasp business requirements and deliver with utmost perfection. Jane is capable of communicating effectively with professionals of varying technical / non-technical abilities and is a charm to work with.”

Saurabh Harrit, as Senior Security Consultant at SensePost, a technology company.

“I don’t normally think of myself as someone struggling with confidence issues, but even the most dynamic entrepreneur suffers setbacks and needs some support now and then. Jane was completely there for me when I found myself in a vulnerable period of transition in my life and business. She literally turned my mindset around from ‘can I do this?’ to ‘nothing’s gonna stop me now!’ She is an absolute powerhouse, laser focused and smart as a whip. I can’t help but be inspired by her example. Thank you, Jane!”

Christina Caudill, Health & Life Coach at Radiance Advisor LLC.

When I first started working with Jane I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. I had social media accounts but was so unsure what to do with them. However, through Jane’s coaching she helped me realise that I didn’t have to be everywhere at once. She taught me that I needed to be consistent, devise a process and find what worked with my schedule. Jane helped me chunk it down to smaller action items which enabled me to incorporate it into my weekly routine without feeling overwhelmed. She gave me accountability (big time) until it really became second nature! As a result I started to have conversations on Twitter, something that had never happened before! I went from below 100 visitors to over 360 in record time. My Twitter followers are now interested in my business; my Facebook fans are growing everyday and my content is being shared. But, the best thing of all is that she encouraged me to incorporate video as a sales strategy which resulted in a new long-term customer.”

Nathalie Doremieux, Co Founder of the WP Help Club.

“Jane has encouraged and inspired me more than you know. Without Jane, I don’t believe I would have got up and running with my blog, which has resulted in my first book deal. She has inspired me in life, to think positively and to believe that I can achieve what I put my mind to.”

Ruth Jacobs is the author of Soul Destruction, a fictional story that follows Shelley Hansard, a crack-psychotic, heroin-addicted, London call girl who gets the opportunity to take revenge on a client who raped her.

“Jane has this astute knack of knowing exactly what you need to do to break out of your business paralysis – she gave me a targeted step by step strategy for getting the ball rolling in my business when fear took over and I just didn’t know what to do next.”

Ali Dover is the Founder of Maverick Baby and is on a mission to show the beauty of babywearing, both through her photography and in her consultations and workshops. She does this by pulling together her passions for nurturing babies, helping women to look their most beautiful, and teaching the nuances of the woven wrap.

“Jane, your biz brilliance shines like a bright diamond! Your ability to focus and transform ideas into strategically positioned pots of gold is phenomenal! Thank you!!! ”

Share Ross is a video coach and the CEO of Video Rockstar University. There she helps female entrepreneurs unleash their video genius.

“Jane is dynamic, engaging, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and empathetic. She always sees the bigger picture for my own business development, and highlights areas which perhaps I hadn’t thought of. She consistently fires up my imagination, and spurs me on to stretch my own abilities. Each time I connect with her she’s delivered far more than she’s promised, and her business and social media insights are entrepreneurial gold.”

Bernay Laity is a colour psychology consultant, interior design consultant and lecturer. She runs in:colour consultancy for professional designers, home improvement companies, design agencies and home-owners who want to learn more about the unique and fascinating subject of colour.