London Online Entrepreneurs Club

The London Online Entrepreneurs Club was born three years ago. Each month entrepreneurs from across the globe meet in an open-forum environment in London to discuss the key issues affecting entrepreneurship. These events (online and offline) aren’t focused on hard, pressurised selling and you’ll find no dull 60 second pitches going on at them. Instead they’re intended as a useful resource for entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, support one another and gain insights into cutting-edge business practices in a relaxed and friendly manner.

The key emphasis is always on forming genuine relationships and they’re designed to provide you with huge value, particularly if you’re working alone. You’ll take part in stimulating, enjoyable conversations on subjects that affect your business, and you’ll be able to listen to experts within the group to enhance your knowledge of business practices. All this will ensure you’ll leave re-energised and with new insights into important issues affecting your business. For those who can’t make it, you can get access a private invitation-only Facebook Group.

The Specifics…

Date: TBC

Time: 3-6pm

Venue: 5th Floor, Waterstones, 203-206 Piccadilly, London

Take the next step…

Contact us now to come along or ask to join our Facebook community.