CISO BFSI Summit, 15 November 2016, London, UK

In November I’ll be MCing and presenting at the CISO BFSI Summit. The CISO Summit will bring together C-level IT security executives, industry analysts and solution providers to discuss challenges and best practices in a relaxed, yet focused business setting. Agenda sessions include engaging Keynote Presentations, Thought Leadership sessions, CISO Think Tanks, Analyst Q&As and much more.

Co-op Banking, 10 November 2016, Manchester, UK

In November I’ll be presenting at the Co-op Bank’s Elevate network. There I’ll be talking about resilience and giving you the strategies I used to navigate my career and home-life. I’ll be sharing personal stories, talking about how I transitioned from a textile designer to a cyber security entrepreneur in my twenties, raised a family as a single parents, how I almost lost everything in my forties and how I fought back to become one of the leading professionals in my field.

CISO FS Conference, 28 October 2016, London, UK

In October I’ll be presenting at the CISO Financial Services Conference.

Nordic IT Security, 26 October 2016, Stockholm, Sweden

In October I’ll be presenting at Nordic IT Security. The event gathers senior IT security professionals from across the Nordics and industry verticals to cover key areas of concerns for organizations from both public and private sector. Over the course of one day, you’ll experience recent case studies, insightful demos, dedicated roundtables, in-depth workshops, technological lightning talks, and plenty of networking opportunities to give you greater insight on strategic implementations of the latest technology showcased in the Exhibition Hall.

AISA, 18-20 October 2016, Sydney, Australia

In October I’ll be presenting on women in cyber security at AISA. Established in 1999, the Australian Information Security Association (AISA) is a not-for-profit organisation formed to advance the cyber-security and safety of all sectors of Australian life; public, corporate, and government.

AISA’s vision is a world where all people, businesses and governments are educated about the risks and dangers of cyber-attack and data theft, and to enable them to take all reasonable precautions to protect themselves against it.

IBM BusinessConnect 2016 – Security Leaders Day, 4-October 2016, London, UK

In October I’ll be presenting at IBM’s Security Leaders Day on ‘Insider threat: do you trust them or monitor them.’ Partnering with (ISC)2,  this day-long event forms part of IBM’s Business Connect 2016 series, and the aim of the day is to explore perspectives from top security leaders on how their approach to security has changed to meet new security challenges. Discussions will cover three important areas: Collaboration, Cloud and Cognition, and the potential impact each can have on transforming and accelerating a security strategy.

Lloyds Banking Group 2016, September 27, London, UK

On 27 September I’ll be presenting at Lloyds Banking Group.  As part of their Cyber Security Awareness fortnight they’re looking to host several of their ‘Digital Espresso’ sessions in their hubs in London. By way of background our Digital Espressos are essentially a 30 minute TED Talk style presentation. As a presenter, my remit is to inspire the audience about cyber security. I’ll be speaking for about 30 minutes (20 mins presenting / 10 mins Q&A).

Cybersecurity and Managerial Challenges (CMC) Symposium, 21-22 September 2016, Lugano, Switzerland

In September I’ll be presenting at Franklin University on the insider threat. The symposium will highlight and present the risks, implications, and solutions of cyber crime and security on a national and international level. The program differs from other similar events both locally and around the world by offering a comprehensive approach to the delicate subject of cyber security, including an integrated focus on financial, managerial, political, and technical dimensions.

B-Sides, 18-August 2016, Manchester, UK

In August I’ll be presenting at B-Sides, Manchester on women in cyber security. In 2014 B-Sides Manchester was born.  It was the result of three security professionals based out of Manchester deciding that the UK needed more than just a single BSides event each year.  After all the UK is one of the biggest security communities in the world and this should be celebrated and promoted.

Bank of America, July 12 2016, London, UK

In July I’ll be speaking at a Bank of America event – Women talk IT. Women in Security, along with Carmina Lees, Director, Security Business Unit, UK & Ireland at IBM. This event will connect women professionals in the information security industry and offer an opportunity to learn from experienced senior leaders on how to successfully navigate the information security landscape. The agenda consists of a panel discussion followed by a round table and networking session over drinks and canapés. The panel will provide an overview of challenges and opportunities for women in information security, ways to attract and retain women in this industry, and share lessons learned from their own careers. This event is also open to aspiring information security professionals.

OWASP AppSec EU 2016, June 27 – July 1, Rome, Italy

In June I’ll be presenting at OWASP AppecSec EU. OWASP is providing a platform for two full days prior to the APPSEC EU activities. An open forum setting for ideas, innovations, gain contributors and share feedback for projects to advance to the next level. This year the project summit will include the opportunity to work on some of the hot topics and initiatives being discussed with OWASP.

BeecherMadden, June 2nd 2016, London, UK

On June 2nd I presented at a breakfast event for Beecher Madden.

BeecherMadden is an award winning (best for security recruiter 2013/2014 and outstanding young executive 2014), niche search and selection business, with a track record of excellence in the recruitment of Corporate Governance, Resilience & Security and Niche Technology. With a focus for excellence in all we do, and ambitious growth plans, BeecherMadden has achieved fast track success and industry recognition.

OWASP, 26 May 2016, Dublin, Ireland

In May I was at the Dublin OWASP Chapter talking about gender diversity and what we can do to increase the numbers of women in cyber security.

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is an online community which creates freely-available articles, methodologies, documentation, tools, and technologies in the field of web application security.

CyberUK In Practice 2016, 24-25 May, Liverpool, UK

In May I’ll be in Liverpool talking about men in cyber security, the dangers of homogenous teams and what we can do to increase diversity in cyber security.

This event is bringing together cyber security and technology professionals from across the public sector, Critical National Infrastructure and industry. It is expected to attract more than 700 IA and cyber security professionals. Cyberuk In Practice will focus on sharing ideas and approaches.

CISO UK Summit, 10 May 2016, London, UK

In May I was the Master of Ceremonies at the CISO UK Summit, Landmark Hotel, London. I was also talking about the state of the industry, my book and what we can do to improve gender diversity within cyber security.

The CISO UK Summit is run by CDM Media Summits and is a forum for innovative IT Security thought leaders across the United Kingdom.

Women’s Security Society (WSS), May 5th 2016, London, UK

On May 5th I presented at a WSS event. I was talking about my Women in Cyber Security book, why I decided to write it and the 5 challenges we need to overcome if we’re to reverse the trend of a homogeneous cyber security workforce.

The WSS is a new and exciting society that fostesr an inclusive networking and forum environment, bringing women together from all aspects of security. Our aim is to encourage the advancement of women working in today’s security world through the exchange of information and creation of collaborative relationships.

BCS Event, April 28 2016, London, UK

In April I spoke at a BCS event. The theme of the event was ‘Women in Security – is IT an issue?’ Leading professionals from the IT security industry presented case studies, good practice advice and product guidance relating to aspects of IT security and work environments, followed by a discussion panel on the challenges and opportunities for women in the men-full world of IT security.

I spoke about entrepreneurship and you can watch my presentation here, along with other experts including Barbara Kilpatrick – Compliance Director, Mediaocean; Cheryl Martin – Partner, CyberSecurity, ITRA Financial Services, EY; Sarah Lawson – Head of IT Security Amey and Steph Aldridge – Cyber Education Lead, The National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park.

Cyber Security FS Exchange, April 25-26 2016, Dublin, Ireland

In April I was the Master of Ceremonies at the Cyber Security Exchange in Dublin. I also presented on “Women in Cyber Security: Standard, not Exception” at the Cyber Security FS Exchange. The event was invitation only and was exclusively for 60 C-level, Directors, Head of, Leaders and VPs who were responsible for driving Information Security strategies forward in their businesses. The key themes at the Cyber Security Exchange included:

  • The Rise of the CISO
  • The Transformation of the Security Department: Linking Information Security to BusinessContinuity
  • Regulation, Legislation, and Compliance
  • Cyber Strategy in the connected world: Securing the Mobile Moment
  • Advanced Persistent Threats, Human Error, Incident Response Management: What is yourAchilles heel?

ISSA AGM & London Chapter Meeting, 16 March 2016, London, UK

On March 16th 2016, I presented on ‘Security Today: Gender Diversity, the Skills Shortage, and the Changing Workplace.’ Others speakers included Mike St John-Green who presented on ‘Combining Safety and Security – Why is it so Hard?’ and Alex Challis, Exabeam who talked about ‘UBA Awakens, how data science is replacing signatures and rules.’

Cyber Security Conference, March 15-16 2016, Blackpool, UK

On March 16th 2016, I presented “The State of Cyber Security: Progression or Recession” at the Cyber Security Conference in Blackpool as well as participating in a panel. The two day event was a coming together of the North of England’s two most successful Cyber Security Conferences; BEC Information & Data Security Conference and Lancaster University’s North West Cyber Security Conference. The NWCSC has for the past 2 years headed the organisation of the event with the help of all its associates and full members. Day one focused on the Critical National Infrastructure, namely the nuclear sector, and day two looked at general businesses and the changing threat landscape.

Independent Cyber Event, March 9 2016, Winnipeg, Canada

On March 9th I spoke at The Winnipeg Cyber Event along with some of the best known experts and leaders in the field of cyber security, cyber defense, and cybercrime. Speakers included:

  • Bonnie Butlin
  • Dr. Curtis KS Levinson
  • Grant Lecky
  • Jamie Rees
  • Bill Hargenrader
  • Victor Beitner

Every speaker had the opportunity to address attendees as well participate in a panel discussion.

The CISO Summit Europe Feb 29-Mar 1 2016, London, UK

On March 1st 2016, I presented at a panel discussion on women in cyber security at the CISO Summit Europe. With gender diversity in the workplace being such a hot topic for cyber security right now, the key takeaways included:

  • What we can do to attract, develop and retain more women in cyber security
  • What lessons can we learn from other industries that are addressing this problem
  • How we can remove barriers to entry whilst obtaining the right calibre of professional
  • The significance of good communication
  • What cultural changes we can make in the workplace now, so we retain a more gender diverse workforce

The panel was moderated by Mark Brown from EY and panellists included Vicky Gavin from the Economist, Ben dela Salle from Old Mutual Wealth, Lee Barney from Marks & Spencer and Mieke Kooij from Trainline.

The Enterprise Risk Summit 2015, Oxford, UK

In June 2015, I’ll be speaking at The Enterprise Risk Summit at Heythrop Park, Oxfordshire. This is a unique conference designed to help Executive Directors, Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) evolve their strategic approach to protection from cyber security threats.

The summit will feature keynotes, customer case studies and frank panel debates from the UK Government, enterprise organisations and recognised industry associations. This information-packed, two day agenda is filled with fresh insight, idea sharing, benchmarking, strategic planning and peer-to-peer networking.

Keynote: Incident management and social media – a cyber security challenge and opportunity

Executive boards are increasingly using social media to communicate more openly with their customers. But when security breaches occur, your audience will increasingly expect you to respond instantly on social media, in person. At a time when social media is morphing and fragmenting at breath-taking speed, security specialist Jane Frankland shares practical guidance on how boardrooms should harness its power, minimise the risks and use it wisely to manage incidents. Better still, social media can be used to transform challenging scenarios into unique opportunities. This session offers much-needed, timely advice for C-level executives that value an authentic, trusted dialogue with their growing audiences.

Fraud Women’s Network, London, UK

In May 2015 I spoke at the Fraud Women’s Network Mentoring Dinner. Along with Dr Jessica Barker, I talked about my achievements, obstacles encountered, how I overcame them and the difficulties associated with being a woman in the cyber security profession. It was an honour to be able to represent my industry and speak at this event, inspiring women leaders and prospective entrepreneurs.

About the FWN: Any woman who works in the anti-fraud arena will know that it can sometimes be a rather male environment, in which there are few senior female executives. The Fraud Women’s Network (FWN) has therefore been set up to bring together women involved in all aspects of fraud prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution, to network and to share best practice, information and experience in order to help tackle the threat from fraud and organised crime head on.

KPI PitchFest, London, UK

If you enjoy programmes like Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice but want a glimpse of real-life pitching then going to a KPI PitchFest is for you. On March 17 2015, I was fortunate enough to get through to a final round of pitching. This meant I had to pitch my business in 5-minutes to a panel of judges from Britain’s leading businesses. The judges included Dale Murray, co-founder of Omega Logic, award-winning angel investor and Government Advisor; Nic Rixon serial entrepreneur and Founding Partner of Shirlaws Business Coaching; Kieran Sparrowhawk founder of MyCognition and UK Chapter lead of the Entrepreneur’s Organisation in 2011/12; Guy Rigby, Head of Entrepreneurial Services with Smith and Williamson and author of ‘From Vision to Exit;’ and Daniel Priestley and Marcus Ubl co-founders of Entrevo.

Tormead School, Guildford, UK

It’s an honour to be invited back to your “old school” to speak. On 5 December I found myself in front of 115 six form girls at Tormead School, one of Britain’s leading independent girls schools, presenting on entrepreneurship and women in business.

In my 60 minute presentation I had three objectives:

  • To inspire the girls about entrepreneurship and achieving success as women in business
  • To help them get ahead of their competitors by giving them some practical tips on how to market themselves
  • To ask for feedback on an idea that centred around gender and networking.

AWE Summit 14, Zurich, Switzerland

On 4th October I spoke at the Volkshaus Zurich, in Switzerland for the AWE Summit 14. The AWE Summit is a gathering of women from many walks of life who are driven to dream, believe and achieve. As one of several speakers, trainers and performers, my remit was to help the attendees discover their unlimited potential and power.

Throughout the presentation I inspired the audience and shared the steps that I’d taken towards success. My presentation, entitled Make It Happen was 20-minutes and also covered my low points, struggles and how I overcame them. I concentrated on 10-steps to take during your entrepreneurial journey.

National Westminster Bank, Guildford, UK

On July 24th 2013, on behalf of National Westminster Bank I presented on social media to a room full of entrepreneurs. I covered 7 platforms – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin, blogging and a UK centric platform, Bizcrowd. The objective from the presentation was to shed more light on the versatility of the medium and to look at it through the eyes of an entrepreneur – not someone who just sold social media marketing training.

The presentation covered:

  • An overview of what social media looks like in 2013.
  • How you can use social media to enable sales i.e. for lead generation, conversions and maintenance.
  • How you can use social media to support your business i.e. for team training and business process efficiency.
  • Some good habits and key social media wins.

Arbonne International, London, UK

On May 11, 2013 I spoke to 450 Arbonne International consultants in London, at the Leadership Academy. I spoke about the use of social media, principally Facebook and Twitter as tools for business development.

Wired for Success TV, London, UK

On 28 April 2013, I presented at The Hilton, Canary Wharf, London on Financial Education. Billed as ‘where science and spirit meet to create life changing transformations,’ I was delighted to speak about financial education in the context of money, business and spirituality. I told my story; how I traded in my passion for a pay check so I could feed my family; how I built a 7-figure business twice and what happened after that. I also spoke about how it’s easier than ever to work a business that’s driven on purpose, and how technology and specifically social networks are supporting this.