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In today’s fast-paced, competitive, digital world, you have to be able to stand out from the crowd and be heard amongst the noise if you’re going to develop your business. You need to be able to rely on a source to help you do this too. My aim, therefore, is to be that source and to provide you with some useful resources to help you grow your business. You’ll find e-books and reports here but from time-to-time I’ll also include videos, cheat sheets and guides on many aspects of business development. My gifts will help you increase your online visibility, influence and they’ll help with positioning and selling.


7 Smart Modern Sales Tips

This report has been compiled due to popular demand. Social media is evolving and nowadays it’s vital for you to keep up-to-date so you can reap the rewards. This report explains how to do this and is for you if you want to understand how to modernize your sales approach, reduce prospecting time by 70% and learn new and cheaper ways to amplify your brand.

How To Position Yourself & Your Brand

In this e-book I’ll be looking at the top 3 ways to build your personal brand and package your service. In the digital era, both are important and expected. With buyers hungry for content it has to be your job to feed them what they want. This e-book will help you ascertain how to do this. Aside from looking at branding and positioning, it reviews how you can be constantly in front of your buyers and converting your prospects into long-terms clients.

Selling In The Digital Era & Understanding Social Capital

This e-book examines social capital and how selling is having to change in order to keep up with the demands of the modern buyer. In it I discuss how you can create an asset from your name and online persona i.e. your brand, and realize tangible value to enable sales and other lucrative business development opportunities.

What’s Social Selling & Why Should You Care?

This e-book was originally written as a 4-part series but due to its success it’s been compiled into a single resource. It focuses on exactly what social selling is and why you should care. At 15-pages long it’s pretty extensive and will give you some useful tips as to how you can drive sales forward by using the power of social media.

Building Influence on Twitter

In this e-book I’m tackling Twitter. It’s an incredibly powerful platform for you to master yet one that so many are either reluctant to use or are using inappropriately; damaging their brand and credibility. If you’re responsible for developing business or a business leader then this e-book is for you.

7 Dumb Mistakes That Smart Business Owners Make With Social Media

Repeatedly I see the same mistakes being made when business owners or their managers pursue social media as a tool for business development. Repeatedly too, I get asked how to spot social media fakers, rectify their shoddy work and advise on implementing it strategically and intelligently. This report is for you if you want to capitalise on the technology and benefit form increased exposure, influence and sales.

Social Media For The C-Suite: Threats & Opportunities

This e-book examine the threats and opportunities of social media as a new technology. It considers its merits as a tool for business development and leadership along with the threats that inevitably come with it from the Internet, namely cybercrime. This e-book has been written to help C-levels and leaders understand how to build a powerful social media presence.


This video will go through how to qualify your sales and increase conversions.

Learn what costly mistakes most cyber security entrepreneurs make and importantly how you can avoid making them.

When it comes to selling there are many myths and in this video I’ll be busting the biggest and explaining why it’s time to do so.

Pitching is easy when you know how but in this video you’ll find out what the easiest sales pitch to deliver is.

Social media has revolutionised the way we sell and in this video you’ll find out how to approach prospects on social media the right way, so you can maximise your opportunities.

What is social capital? Find out in this video and learn 6 social selling tips so you can strengthen relationships with your clients and prospects.

Video is a powerful marketing tool when used correctly and in this video you’ll find out why.

Most cyber security entrepreneurs dream of dominating their target market. If this is you, watch this video and learn what you need to do.

If you conversion rates are poor then this is the video for you. You’ll learn all about the importance of avatars and creating ideal buyer profiles.

Discover 6 tips to improve productivity so you can get more out of your days, weeks, months and years.

Working alone can be hard and procrastination can set in easily so here are 3 time management tips for when you’re working in isolation.

Poor performance is ok. In fact you’ll find out why every entrepreneur will go through it at some stage of their entrepreneurial journey.

Goal setting is vital for every entrepreneur. In this video you’ll learn exactly how to do this so you achieve your goals.

Expanding your comfort zone is what high achievers do. Discover why you need to make this a habit and how pain can be your friend.

Most people are afraid of public speaking. In this video I’ll reveal the tips I used to overcome my fear of it.

Webinar: Sales master class. Learn strategies and tactics for increasing sales and benefit from a 45% sales uplift and a 70% saving on prospecting for clients.

Keynote Speaker: BCS NLB Women in Security event Apr2016 on cyber security entrepreneurship.

Q&A’s at the BCS North London Chapter.

Interview: OWASP Dublin Chapter, “Attracting & Retaining Women in Cyber Security”

Keynote Speaker: OWASP Dublin Chapter, ‘Attracting & Retaining Women in Cyber Security.’


Keynote Speaker: BSides Manchester 2016, ‘What works for women in security.’

Panelist: IBM BusinessConnect 2016 – Security Leaders Day, ‘Insider Threat.’

Interview: Magda Chelly, Woman in Cyber.’



This short test will enable you to gauge how well you’re doing in terms of implementing modern sales methods i.e. social selling.

Every business starts out as an idea but turning it into a strategy and implementing is something else. Test how well you’re doing and get a free report straight after your score.

The number one complaint worldwide is hiring salespeople who say they can sell, but can’t. Now you can check if they can by using the Sales Profile. It measures 13 key frontline sales skills and the drive to succeed in a sales role.