Here’s a check list for setting your goals

This post follows on from the last one I wrote on goal setting – Guilty as charged: for not setting my goals. Anyway, I love goal setting and really value it as an incredibly powerful tool both in terms of my own self development and my company’s.  And this is why I’m sharing just one more post with you right now. When goal setting is used effectively it can greatly enhance your skill as an effective and motivating leader. Throughout history strong leaders and organizations have used goals to shape and influence the destinies of millions. And this is why they’re so vital. You see, you and your company can leave such an imprint on the lives of others by setting worthwhile goals and committing to their achievement.

With a mindset of a successful leader you must refuse to sit by passively and leave your future to chance or to the choices of others. You have to dare to make your own decisions and to direct your company toward success. Through goals you can create the confidence that comes from knowing where you and your team are going, and how you intend to get there. Goals provide you with a sense of direction to keep you focused on what’s important. They bring to life a sense of order and purpose that sustains desire and motivation over a long period of time! Yay!

So here’s a check list to ensure you’ve got your goals in place. By applying the principles here – writing them down you’re already 80% more likely to ensure they succeed.
How to plan and set goals with Jane Frankland


Please let me know how you’ll use this and, also the goal setting you’re planning. Until then….With love and gratitude – as always,



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Jane Frankland is a successful cyber security entrepreneur, consultant and speaker who has had a diverse career encompassing art and design; business development; and operations. Having held directorships and senior executive positions within her own companies and at several large PLCs, she now provides agile, forward thinking organisations with strategic business development solutions. Right now she is writing a book on gender diversity in cyber security and is focused on increasing the numbers of women in the profession.

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