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The Feminine Approach to Business Success

The Feminine approach to businessUs women have got a bit of a tough job these days. Not content with the roles of wife, mother and home-maker, we decided (many years ago) that we wanted more.  We wanted equality, we wanted everything that men had, we wanted it all…and now we’ve got it all.

The downside – we have absolutely no idea how to manage it! We’re wearing dozens of different hats, trying to be everything to everyone and quite frankly, it’s exhausting. One of the biggest challenges in this huge change has been how to create our success in the business world.

In order to be considered equals in the workplace, a lot of women have felt the need to prove themselves…and many still do. Prove that they are equal to, or better than, their male counterparts.  Unfortunately a lot of women have mistaken then word ‘equal’ for ‘the same’.  In order to prove our worth in the business world, a lot of us have taken on the approach of the men. We’ve modelled the people at the top of our respective fields and in doing so have replicated a very masculine way of working.

Women in business have become tough, independent, uncompromising and ultra competitive.  They have stepped into the shoes of the men at the top and in doing so have also taken on ‘their way’ of doing business too.  I’ve lost count of the number of times that when referring to a woman in business I’ve heard the phrase “she’s got balls”….need I say more? 🙂

There are two main challenges with taking this approach. The first is that it’s not actually the most effective way to work.  In some circumstances a very masculine approach works very well…in others, to be blunt, it doesn’t. You only need to look at the statistics to see what a women’s touch does for corporate success.

When looking at the Fortune 500, the difference in performance between companies with a minimum of 3 women on their boards and those who have none is very revealing.  Those with at least 3 women on their boards outperform those with none by 46% for return on equity, 60% for return on invested capital and 84% for return on sales.  The numbers don’t lie…

The second challenge is that if the woman in question is feminine at heart (which the vast majority of women are…although many of us have lost touch with it), it actually jars with our nature.  We’re physically not built to be able to operate in a masculine way for extended periods of time…to do so takes testosterone, a chemical that we only have in small supply.  When the testosterone has gone we’re left running on adrenaline, which can lead to exhaustion as well as other health and energy issues.   We end up feeling tired, stressed, frustrated and often unhappy.

So what is the alternative?

The answer is that there is a very effective approach to business that comes from making the most of our feminine traits (and no I’m not referring to high heels, short skirts or low cut tops…before you ask).

This isn’t to say that we never use the masculine approach (in fact, there are times when it is incredibly useful, even necessary) just that we feminine women operate from a more feminine approach the majority of the time, and then utilise the masculine traits like a toolbox to pull out as and when the situation requires it.

So what is the Feminine Approach to Business Success?

Earlier this year I put together a series of 30 videos each with a different tip or tool to help you employ the Feminine Approach to Business Success:

For the next 30 days I invite you to watch one of these videos each day…and ‘try on’ a more Feminine Approach to Business Success and see how it works for you. You might be surprised…

Stay fabuous!

Claire x

About Claire Brummell

Having lived for 20 years of her life behind a masculine mask herself, Claire Brummell now has a passion for helping women and men reconnect with what it really means to be feminine or masculine in order to transform their lives.

Claire works with women and men all over the world to help them fulfil their potential by reconnecting with their natural strengths and rediscovering their authentic power.

Many women spend a lot of their time battling a sense of overwhelm, inadequacy and pressure; their lives feel like a continuous juggling act. Claire’s engaging content helps women to release the struggle for control and perfection that so many experience, allowing them to feel more confident, effective and fulfilled by stepping into their full potential.

Connect with Claire here:

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  • Yiye Zhang says:

    Enjoyed this reading Claire! “Unfortunately a lot of women have mistaken then word ‘equal’ for ‘the same’.” – well said! Great vid series too, thanks for sharing!!

    All my love

    • jane says:

      Really glad you enjoyed this Yiye and you’re so right re mistaking the word = for the same. I really believe it’s the time for women to become more in harmony with their sex in the workplace. We are pioneers of a new revolution!

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