The great GDPR hoax

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The great GDPR hoax

One of my favourite stories as a child was Chicken Licken. I’m sure you’ll know it, but in case you don’t, it’s a macabre folk tale about a chicken who believes the “sky is falling down” after an acorn lands on his head. Hysterical about the impeding disaster, he rushes off to tell the king, amassing followers in the process, and leading them to their untimely death. Whilst the story teaches children about courage, the main lesson they learn is not to follow blindly and believe everything they’re told.

It’s a good lesson and this simple children’s story reminds me of where we are with the GDPR right now. If we’re to believe everything we’re told at conferences, or read online about it, things look pretty bleak.

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Can we really trust GDPR products, services and “experts?”

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Can we really trust GDPR products 600x400

Roll up, roll up, shouts the cybersecurity tout at the conference. “Are you ready to be dazzled by our GDPR product, service and expert?”

We smile, groan or “tut tut.” We watch, listen, agree to a meeting, or scold and walk away.

Everyone’s an “expert” these days and all products solve the problem of GDPR, or at least that’s what we’re being told.

Whether this is the case or not, we can be sure of one thing. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force in less than a year’s time, on May 25th 2018, and it will replace the existing data protection framework under the EU Data Protection Directive.

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Humans – your weakest link or your strongest shield?

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Humans - your weakest link or greatest shieldThe other day I was in a meeting with one of the UK’s most powerful financial organisations. I’d been invited in to talk to the team about the latest market trends and what I was seeing. We talked about many things like ransomware, the sophistication of today’s attackers, new technology solutions, regulation (like GDPR), and the diversity and talent within our ecosystem. Then I brought up internal threats, specifically people.

I asked them if they’d humour me for a few minutes and they agreed.

“Close your eyes,” I said.

“I want you to step into another’s shoes – someone who works at your company.

Imagine what it feels like to be told that you’re a weak link.

A threat.

A liability.

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My top 5 breach prevention tips – would these be yours?

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My top 5 breach prevention tips

Working in cyber security for the last 19-years has been an amazing experience. Watching the sophistication of cyber attacks, and the frequency of breaches increase, has not.

I was discussing this with a few senior cyber security leaders the other day. As we talked, we each reeled off a load of statistics, like how Lloyds of London has estimated that cyber attacks cost businesses as much as $400 billion a year, how Juniper research has predicted that the cost of data breaches will increase to $2.1 trillion by 2019, and how the World Economic Forum says the true cost is actually unknown, as industrial espionage grows, and access to confidential data goes undetected.

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Women in cybersecurity: Five hard lessons I learnt in 2016 & why I’m grateful

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Five hard lessons I learnt in 2016 & why i'm grateful

It’s England. It’s cold, the night is drawing in, and it’s the last day of 2016. It’s been a while since I published a blog here, as I’ve spent all year writing my book. It’s totally consumed me, but as it’s nearly finished, I’m sitting at my desk, reflecting on the year and thinking about you. I’m astounded at what I’ve achieved, how much I’ve grown, how many amazing people I’ve spoken to or met, and how quickly the year has gone by. I’d like to share some of this with you, as I’m grateful for your support, and feel I owe you so much.

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Why you need to complete this survey on gender diversity in cyber security – seriously!

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Gender diversity survey for cybersecurity

Gender diversity survey for cybersecurity

This is probably going to be one of the shortest blogs I’ve published. You see, I’m on a mission, and time is of the essence. In case you’re unaware, I’m writing a book about women in cyber security and what we can do to increase the numbers.

And, I’ll let you in on a secret.

Up until the beginning of this year, I had no idea that I’d be doing this. However, in November 2015, something stopped me in my tracks and changed my direction – slightly.

I read an (ISC)² study, entitled Women in Security: Wisely Positioned for the Future of InfoSec,’ which reported on the global information security workforce and the decreasing numbers of women within it. Shocked into writing, my blog, ‘The Future of Women in Cyber Security. How do we Increase the Numbers?’ went viral (figuratively speaking). Ironically, I had no agenda, other than to be a voice, but when people started to reach out to me, to tell me their stories, I knew I had to do more.

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The Future of Women in Cyber Security. How do we Increase the Numbers?

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Women in cyber security currently amount to 10%.

Women in cyber security currently amount to 10%.

Over the years there’s been much talk about women in cyber security. For example, are there enough; are they the future of infosec; are they paid more than men; are women under-represented, and so on.

As a woman in cyber security, with a voice, I feel a heavy weight on my shoulders and compelled to write about this.


Well it’s simple. Right now, in cyber security we’re failing. All of us. Men and women.


It’s bad enough that we can’t attract others into our industry fast enough and train them up, but the fact that the numbers of women in cyber security are deteriorating is quite frankly unacceptable.

Cyber security has never received so much attention. Cybercrime is growing and when more people are becoming increasingly aware of protection, resilience and training you’d have thought that getting women into our profession would have been easy.

However, it’s not been and without a doubt we must reverse this trend and do a better job.

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The Shocking Truth About Being A Cyber Security Entrepreneur

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Thinking about being a cyber security entpreneur?

The shocking truth about being a cyber security entrepreneur

As you’re a cyber security entrepreneur or want to be, I’m going to start off with 5 exciting facts.

  • Fact 1. The world is getting bigger and busier.
  • Fact 2. Opportunities abound.
  • Fact 3. Entrepreneurship is trending and cyber security is hotter than ever.
  • Fact 4. According to the latest statistics, by 2019, this sector is set to be worth $155.74bn.
  • Fact 5. The market is maturing. It’s now threat aware and risk educated. Governments and businesses are paying attention too. For, cybercrime is costing between $300bn and $1trn in annual global losses, and it’s rising.

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