The Future of Women in Cyber Security. How do we Increase the Numbers?

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Women in cyber security currently amount to 10%.

Women in cyber security currently amount to 10%.

Over the years there’s been much talk about women in cyber security. For example, are there enough; are they the future of infosec; are they paid more than men; are women under-represented, and so on.

As a woman in cyber security, with a voice, I feel a heavy weight on my shoulders and compelled to write about this.


Well it’s simple. Right now, in cyber security we’re failing. All of us. Men and women.


It’s bad enough that we can’t attract others into our industry fast enough and train them up, but the fact that the numbers of women in cyber security are deteriorating is quite frankly unacceptable.

Cyber security has never received so much attention. Cybercrime is growing and when more people are becoming increasingly aware of protection, resilience and training you’d have thought that getting women into our profession would have been easy.

However, it’s not been and without a doubt we must reverse this trend and do a better job.

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The Shocking Truth About Being A Cyber Security Entrepreneur

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Thinking about being a cyber security entpreneur?

The shocking truth about being a cyber security entrepreneur

As you’re a cyber security entrepreneur or want to be, I’m going to start off with 5 exciting facts.

  • Fact 1. The world is getting bigger and busier.
  • Fact 2. Opportunities abound.
  • Fact 3. Entrepreneurship is trending and cyber security is hotter than ever.
  • Fact 4. According to the latest statistics, by 2019, this sector is set to be worth $155.74bn.
  • Fact 5. The market is maturing. It’s now threat aware and risk educated. Governments and businesses are paying attention too. For, cybercrime is costing between $300bn and $1trn in annual global losses, and it’s rising.

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Cold Calling UK Law Changes & What This Means To You

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Nerd writer received the good news

I’ve been saying this for years. Cold calling is dead. Warm calling is the future. And, today the UK Government put one more nail in the cold calling coffin as they announced a clamp down on companies who are cold calling in the UK.

The Telegraph reported today that changes to the law will make it far easier to punish offenders. Furthermore, that the directors of firms using such techniques would be liable to personal fines of £500,000, according to the Daily Mail.

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7 Smart Social Selling Tips for 2015

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linkedin image 10

The world is getting bigger and busier. Opportunities abound. Technology is in momentum and it’s changing everything including the way we work. True performance based businesses embrace this. They always operate in a state of readiness. They see opportunities when others don’t. They take measured risks, act fast and want what’s current. They put better above cheaper, and revenues ahead of costs. And they are leading the way with social.

In 2015 smart, savvy business owners are following suit. They’re re-evaluating their sales approach and modernizing it as a result. They’re going social, inspiring their teams and incorporating it into the business.

They know that they’ve got their work cut out. Change isn’t always welcomed especially when hard graft and mindset shifts are involved.

To be successful they’re now going to have to wear many hats. For example, they’ll need to know how to sell their services, plus how to brand, market and mine data. However, when they get this right they’ll increase their opportunities by 45% and reduce their prospecting time by 75%. This obviously enables more revenue, faster, and with less cost. And, a happy sales force ensues.

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Six Hot Business Development Trends for 2015

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future business development trends for 2015 by jane frankland


2015 is almost upon us and if you’re using social platforms to grow your business or sales there’s plenty of good news. For example, social audiences continue to grow worldwide and modern business development methods, such as social media marketing and social selling are becoming more widely accepted as ways to deliver exponential growth when implemented correctly.

So, let’s look at the six top business development trends to watch out for in 2015 and how you can leverage them in an ever-evolving social business ecosystem.

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7 Dumb Mistakes That Smart Business Owners Make With Social Media

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Social media is a lot like coffee. You’ll either love it, consume a lot of it and get energized over it, or you won’t. Instead, you’ll hate it, sweat over it and become exhausted.

Whatever it does to you, be aware. Social media, just like coffee, is big business and it’s here to stay.

So if you want to keep your client base happy and attract others, you must know how to use it effectively.

This 11-page report that’s entitled 7 Dumb Mistakes That Smart Business Owners Make With Social Media, has been compiled due to popular demand. Repeatedly I see the same mistakes being made when business owners pursue social media as a tool for business development. Repeatedly too, I get asked how to spot social media fakers, rectify their shoddy work and advise on implementing it strategically and intelligently.

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What Is Social Selling & Why Should You Care? [Part 4]

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In Part 3 of What Is Social Selling and Why Should You Care, I discussed how you can move opportunities through the pipeline faster, free up yourself (and your sales team) to move on to new prospects, and lower acquisition costs.

In Part 4, (the final in this series) I’ll be going through how you can achieve greater client lifetime value, make bigger deals and retain more clients.

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