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I know you’re short on time and have a problem to solve. You’ve invested; taken risks and made sacrifices. You’re building the dream and pursuing a profitable, sustainable cyber security department or business that puts fire in your belly every single day. However, if you’re being brutally honest with yourself it’s not going according to plan.

As an action taker and someone who respects some straight talking, you’re not looking for ‘yes men or women.’ Instead, you like to be challenged and you’re open to some creative thinking so long as it delivers results. So when it comes to building your department or business and getting an edge on your competition you need to be able to turn to someone with a solid track record in cyber security business for advice. You need someone who can act as a sounding board, a confident and who genuinely cares. That way you make more money, affect change for yourself, your family and even the world at large.

I possess these skills. I’m an experienced cyber security consultant, trainer, entrepreneur and am well connected. Importantly too, I’m abreast of all the current business development trends, tools and techniques. I’m stoked up, fired with energy and passionate about helping you achieve your goals.

I provide a range of services that include consulting, training, coaching and keynote presentations. These will help you to:

  • Build a performance team
  • Create a well respected brand including culture
  • Increase exposure and ranking
  • Be recognized as the authority in your sector
  • Increase leads, conversion rates and sales
  • Increase prices, margins and profits
  • Gain an edge on your competition
  • Adopt the mindset of a high performing influencer

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  • I’ll then define the statement of works to check you’re in agreement
  • I’ll email you the payment instructions, T&Cs and next steps
  • If it looks like we’re not a good match, I’ll refer you to an alternative resource