Keynotes and Speaking

As a market influencer, I’m in-demand as a paid speaker, panelist, and chair. I’m known to attract an audience, as I deliver thought-provoking insights in regards to cyber security, coupled with passion and inspiration. Over the past 2-years I’ve been engaged to speak at just under 100 events around the world, and my audience size typically ranges from 50 to 2,000. I speak mainly about the cyber security field, the challenges businesses face in regards to protecting their assets, and about being a female technology entrepreneur.

I’m represented by the London Speakers Bureau. To book me to speak or chair your event, please complete the Client Background Form. All I need to know is:

  • The event date
  • The event venue
  • The event name and purpose
  • What topic you’d like me to speak about
  • The speaker’s fee

Once I’ve got this:

  • Either my PA or agent will get back to you via email within 48-hours
  • We’ll review your details, my diary commitments, and email you to accept or decline your invitation
  • Upon acceptance, we’ll send you my speaker’s rate card and schedule a time for us to speak, so we can discuss the finer details
  • Once we’re happy to proceed the paperwork will be sent.