Keynotes and Speaking

Let me tell you a story. In December 2012, I made myself a promise. It was to overcome a massive fear I had. I knew it was holding me back. I knew it was controlling me. I knew it was preventing me from helping you. And, I knew that I had to step up and master it. As you’ve rightly guessed, I’m referring to public speaking. Since then, I’ve pushed myself, got out there and honed this craft. Interestingly too, I’ve discovered that I actually like it!

So, what do I speak about?

Well, I love variety so I tend to speak on a number of topics, including:

  • Cyber security
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Women in business
  • Business development
  • Personal branding
  • Social media
  • Leadership
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Financial education

Take the next step …

If you’re interested in finding out more about hiring me to speak at your event, please get in contact by completing the Client Background Form. All I need to know is:

  • The event date
  • The event venue
  • The event name and purpose
  • What topic you’d like me to speak about
  • The proposed fee

Once I’ve got this:

  • I’ll then get back to you via email within 24 hours
  • I’ll schedule a time to phone/Skype, which will help us establish whether we’re a good fit
  • Once you’re happy to proceed, you’ll give me the go ahead
  • I’ll then define the statement of works to check you’re in agreement
  • I’ll email you the payment instructions, T&Cs and next steps
  • If it looks like we’re not a good match, I’ll refer you to an alternative resource