Social Media To Enable Sales (Social Selling)

In this one-day training course you’ll learn how to use social media and social selling to enable sales. The objective of this course is to support your total sales and marketing efforts and to integrate it into the methodologies you use.

This course has been designed so you get the maximum value in the shortest time possible. It’s split into three sections. The first section concentrates on an introduction to social media and social selling; the second and third deal specifically with Twitter and LinkedIn.

The complete course schedule is available for download here.

Social Selling Profit Centre Course Topics

Section 1: An introduction to social selling

  • How you can use social media to enable sales and support your business
  • How you can use Twitter and LinkedIn to prospect and generate warm leads
  • Some good habits and key social media wins
  • Knowledge of how other brands are using social media and social selling successfully

Section 2: Twitter

With over 554 million active registered users and 135 thousand new users signing up each day, Twitter continues to grow at an impressive rate. However, whilst these statistics are interesting, what’s more relevant to you is that in 2013 42% of B2B decision-makers used Twitter to efficiently make their buying decisions and 36% of all marketers acquired a new client via Twitter. (Source: Forrester). And that’s why knowing how to use it strategically to drive business forward is essential if you’re going to be ahead in the game.

This section has been designed specifically to help you do that and so you get the maximum value in the shortest time possible. It concentrates on using Twitter as a sales tool, to drive business and sales forward. It therefore looks at networking, prospecting and lead generation.

Upon completion of this section, you’ll understand how to:

  • Grow your prospect list of Twitter followers
  • Use Twitter to drive business and benefit you or your organization
  • Use Twitter to add value to your prospects and clients
  • Use correct terminology and etiquette when tweeting
  • Monitor client and prospect buzz and conversations
  • Gain competitor insight

Section 3: LinkedIn

LinkedIn has revolutionized the way B2Bs do business globally and it continues to grow at a staggering rate of one new user per second. With 74% of B2B decision-makers using it to help them with their B2B purchase decisions it simply has to be an essential tool if you’re selling to B2Bs. When used correctly, LinkedIn helps with business development and prospecting, recruitment, brand awareness and positioning, knowledge transfer and client retention. Understanding how to get the most out of it therefore affords you an important competitive advantage.

This section concentrates on an introduction to LinkedIn in a social selling context i.e. networking, prospecting and lead generation.

Upon completion, you’ll understand:

  • The context and reach of LinkedIn
  • Your primary objective for LinkedIn
  • How to optimize your profiles at a personal and organizational level
  • How to get found more easily and attract worthwhile opportunities
  • How to build your network and generate leads at record speed and on auto pilot
  • How to integrate LinkedIn into your brand’s social media and marketing strategy
  • How to gain competitive insight and advantage


This social selling course is suitable if you’ve an interest in increasing your social media and social selling knowledge and or using the technology to network successfully and grow your leads. Students typically have a responsibility for business development within a B2B environment and may be a consultant, manager or business owner. No prior knowledge of social selling or social media is required and students are advised to bring a WiFi enabled laptop to enable participation.

Bespoke training is available for corporate teams, onsite, at your premises. Please just ask.

Pricing and Course Length

The course is priced at £300/student and takes one-day to complete. The course is limited in size; no more than 10 students may attend on the day as this enables individual attention.* All prices exclude VAT and payment is required in advance.


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