Social Selling Test: Are you missing opportunities?

Take this test and find out how you’re doing when it comes to “selling” through social media. The test concentrates on how to use social media as a tool to develop business so you’ll be able to ascertain whether you’ve set yourself up correctly on your social media platforms and are executing other modern sales tactics. It will also give you a clear picture as to whether you’re missing out on opportunities through your social selling activities. There are only 15 questions and the test should take less than 3 minutes to complete. At the end of it you’ll be given your social selling score. Take the test – it’s free of charge and fun!

Do you use social media as part of your sales process?

Who manages your social media activity?

How many social media networks are you active on?

How regularly are you using social media?

If someone Googled your name would they find you on page 1?

Are you well known, trusted and liked in your field?

Have you aligned yourself with influencers in your market?

How would you describe your social media headshots?

How would you describe your social media profile write ups?

How many social media connections (followers, subscribers, fans etc) do you have?

How often do others engage or interact with you?

How would you describe your content?

How often do you share content that's not your own?

Do you have a free product that others can access?

How would you describe your tracking and measurement?