It’s great to have you on board! I’m so excited that you have made the decision to work with me. Here’s what happens next.

First, click this link to join our Facebook Group and request to join. When my team sees your request, they’ll add you to the Group right away.

Next, I want to get to know you before our first session, so please take a few minutes to answer these questions and then email them to Jane Frankland. That way I can make sure I’m clear on your business goals and overall needs in the coaching program.

Email me the answers to these questions:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Business domain/URL
  • Please describe your business, what your offering is (service/product) and how long you’ve been in business.
  • How many people are in your business?
  • What is your biggest business challenge right now?
  • What is your main objective for hiring me?
  • What are your 3 goals for 2013?
  • What would you most like to achieve in working with me?
  • What is currently preventing you from reaching your goal?

Once you’ve done this, in just a few days I’ll send you some info on how to set up your first one-on-one session with me. Look for that email soon!

Forever in gratitude,