What’s your Big idea AND what are its chances?

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  • How to better present yourself so when you’re in front of your buyers you can demonstrate the unique value you have to offer
  • How to clearly communicate your message so you can convert prospective clients into long-term clients that continually evangelize your message
  • How to create, manage and measure effective processes for each touch point of your business
  • How to avoid the costly mistakes 99% of entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders make

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Are you crystal clear on why you want to go into business or are in business?

Have you written and communicated your vision, values, and mission statement?

Have you written a business plan and do you regularly refer to it?

Have you saved over $60,000 to put into your business or raised finance?

Is your business profitable after you take a reasonable personal income from it?

Are you time poor, under resourced and working over 50 hours per week?

Do you have 1 or more business partner/s who devote as much time to the business as you?

Do you invest in ongoing training and development for you and your team?

Do you have a dedicated sales team or 2 or more?

Are you generating good quality leads from your website, landing pages and social media platforms?

Do you have several products and services available to sell right now?

Does your business/division have revenue of more than US$250,000 per year?

When asked "what do you do?" can you and your team convey a compelling response?

Have you commissioned a design agency to create a brochure and website for your products/services?

Are you blogging and promoting your products/services across several social media platforms?

If someone Googled your name, would they find positive links featuring you on the first page?

Have you got several active social media profiles for your personal brand (i.e. your name)?

Have you set up efficient systems and processes for selling and delivering your products or services?

Do you have written agreements with your team, suppliers and strategic partners?

Have you got active referral partnerships that send business your way?