Website essentials – a check list to double your sales

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The secret of a successful website

I’ve been itching to do a website essentials check list for you and this post follows on from my series of blogs about websites, including the 7 ways to ensure your website is generating leads and the website essentials design check list.

This post is all about your website essentials i.e. what you need to put on your website and why. As you can see, I’m not going to go into great detail about plugins here. I’ve only mentioned one – the Facebook plugin for LIKES as I know just how essential it is. Instead, I’m concentrating on the absolute website essentials, many of which are missed by businesses both large and small.

Website check list to double your sales by Jane Frankland

Please let me know how you’ll use this website essentials check list and, also how you’re getting on with the website you’re planning,  building or updating. If you have any more tips, please just add them in the comment box. Feel free to share this with anyone who might find this useful too and definitely check out my good friend Derek Halpern’s blog on website essentials and how to increase conversion rates if you haven’t done so already. He reviews some leading online marketers’ websites.

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