Making Women Standard

In Cybersecurity.

Hi, I'm Jane Frankland and I'm solving the problem of making women in cyber standard not exception. I do this through my speaking engagements, writings, trainings, consulting and brand new women's platform, The Source. So, if you want to join an amazing community of like-minded women in cyber or are a business who values them, sign up to The Source now.

Jane Frankland

Your Options for Working with Jane

Solutions for Individuals

You're at the right place if you're feeling alone, unclear, or even undervalued, unheard and overworked. Whether you're starting out or are an executive, I have solutions that can take you from feeling any of these things to feeling inspired, empowered, crystal clear and on your A game.

Solutions for Corporates

If an organisation is to benefit from women in cybersecurity, it's essential they understand the root problem of why they are failing to attract and retain women, and then are set up for success. My team and I can ensure this. We offer a range of services and tailor our engagements to meet your needs.