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What real growth feels like from someone who knows entrepreneurship inside out.

Continuous Improvement

And fast implementation ensures progress and profits.


Hi, I’m Jane Frankland and through KnewStart, I help cyber security entrepreneurs reach their potential. I believe it’s an exciting time to be in cyber security, as technology is advancing rapidly, the way we work is changing, and attacks are becoming more sophisticated. That’s why I’m on a mission to increase performance in cyber security, to empower you to take full advantage of the extraordinary times we’re living in, and to succeed.


Learn Modern Sales Methods

The way we buy cyber security solutions has changed and these days if you want a steady sales pipeline it’s essential you get up-to-speed on the latest sales technique. Find out how other smart cyber security professionals are profiting from using social media as a tool to help them sell.

Join my Coaching Programme

Be privately coached by me and let me help you take your cyber security career or business to the next level. I’ve amalgamated years of business-building knowledge into a structured 90-day coaching programme that I tailor for each of my clients. It’s been designed to empower you, short-cut your learning curve and deliver results.

Create an Influential Personal Brand

Your ability to position yourself as an influencer within your chosen niche, attract your ideal buyers and other influential people to you, and build a relevant network is revenue in the bank. Learn how to do this effectively and with integrity. Download this e-book now – it’s free.


1. Coaching

Every successful business owner or leader at some point in his or her career needs coaching. From time to time you’ll get stuck, blocked and disillusioned. Breakthrough plans will be required and you’ll need someone at your side to help you achieve them. I understand what it takes for you to succeed in business and I’ll work with you and your teams to accomplish this. My coaching and mentoring sessions are run online, by the hour for one-off sessions, or as 90-day strategy or accelerator programmes.

2. Consultancy

If you’re going to perform then you’ve got to operate in a state of readiness. You need to rely on someone who can demonstrate up-to-date subject matter, experience through implementation and foresight. You need more than coaching and mentoring. You need consulting and I excel at this. I see challenges as oppose to problems and resolve them. Having consulted in business for almost two decades and built my own 7-figure cyber security consultancy, I’m confident I can advise you on taking the right course of action.

3. Training

With technology moving at speed the only way your business can outperform the competition is by staying abreast of business development advancements and having regular access to a variety of learning programmes. Therefore I offer you three areas of business development training – sales, marketing and leadership. Each is designed to radically transform you and your business.

90% of all start-ups fail in the first 20 months or limp along with small stagnating revenues for years after until they die. By working with me I guarantee you won’t be another statistic.

Working with me enables the following benefits…

Sales Uplift

Cost Savings

Productivity Uplift

In 2014, 97% of business worked below their estimated capacity and their revenues dropped below their forecasts.

I offer 3 features to safeguard you from this…

Cyber Security Experience

Over the years I’ve seen cyber security businesses through many lenses. And, what I’ve noticed is this: 80% of consultancies drive up their client’s costs because they’re inexperienced and work on solving the wrong problem. As an experienced business development professional and cyber security entrepreneur I’m confident in being able to diagnose correctly and start-up or reignite growth.

Accessibility & Responsiveness

I’ve a breadth of experience that few can match and I’m readily available to help you at every step of the way. I’m passionate about cyber security entrepreneurship and make it my business to listen, understand and help you achieve peak performance.

Remarkable Services

Business is transforming as technology rapidly advances. I pride myself on keeping up-to-date with the changes and use a 5-step process that incorporates traditional and modern business development practices. This blended approach enables me to optimize your growth and deliver remarkable services that impact the bottom line fast.

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