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The IN Security Movement

In 2017, the best-selling book, IN Security (see below) was published. It came at a turning point for the industry as attacks increased, group think reigned, and a skills issue loomed. The book's author, Jane Frankland, called for several actions.

The first was for better collaboration. The second was for better knowledge share, and the third was for a change in attitude – no blame, no shame, just better business. That’s why she set up the global IN Security movement. Supporters are passionate about securing cyber space and ensuring all genders or anyone in between genders are welcomed and empowered to reach their ambitions within it. They know that when we work together to do this, as change agents or IN Security ambassadors, we can make a real difference to not only improving diversity and inclusion in cybersecurity, but securing freedom, safety and the operational efficiencies in the world.

Supporters of the IN Security movement are on a mission to improve gender diversity in cybersecurity. They are invited to raise awareness of cybersecurity, the fantastic career opportunities it offers, and to help us perform more research. That way, we can become better informed and more able to create lasting impactful solutions to increasing gender diversity in cybersecurity, globally.

IN Security, the Book

The IN Security Movement started with the book, so it's only right your journey to discover more starts here. The book starts from the premise that women are fundamentally different to men and see risk in a different way them. Because of this, when it comes to cybersecurity one thing is certain... if you're short on women you're less safe. When you read this book, you'll understand why women really matter, why the numbers of women have fallen along with strategies for attracting, identifying and retaining more women. This book is essential reading for anyone in security or looking to get into it.

What others are saying about IN Security...

- Gary Hayslip, CISSP, VP, CISO

I truly enjoyed Jane's thought provoking stories that drive home the point - women must be included in the cybersecurity community for it to mature and meet its current and future threats. Talent should be mentored in all of its forms; a security program can't thrive if it’s one-sided, but in a full community it shall rise together and be reckoned with.

- Jacqueline de Rojas CBE, President TDigital Leaders

Uncomfortable reading at times, this cleverly written book shines a light on the imperceptible judgements and decisions which reflect conscious and unconscious bias in an industry already cast into the shadows by the black hats. Smart observations combined with her own experience bring both the problem and the opportunity to life. A call to action for those inside cyber to make a personal difference by 'throwing a starfish back into the sea' and a clarion call to women to consider a career in security. You have never been more needed.

The Book Content

IN Security is broken into three parts and deals with the assumptions and challenges around the low numbers of women in cybersecurity. It's filled with stories, data (over 200 data references), and the golden rules which you can apply for transformation.

1 Women cost more
2 Prove it
3 Mind the gap
4 Qualifications don't make a hacker
5 STEM is a red herring
6 Educate the educators
7 HR is holding us back

8 Hoot the horn
9 Seeing is believing
10 Recruiting the X factor
11 Enter the dragon
12 Cultivating workplace culture
13 Career navigation
14 Personal branding
15 Personal growth 

16 Through the looking glass
17 A call to arms
The Author
The Sponsors

- Adrian Davis, MBA, CISSP, FBCS CITP, CEO Information Assurance Advisory Council

Jane has written the diversity book for our generation. Her challenging, though-provoking and insightful work will make you question all your assumptions and working practices, and gives you the tools to answer those questions and make a positive difference. Jane has laid the foundations for us to make diversity happen and create the cybersecurity workforce of the future. Diversity has the champion it deserves, and her name is Jane Frankland.

- Greg Day, CISO, Cybereason

Jane clearly spent significant time gathering real-world examples around the challenges of diversity, and she shares great guidance and advice. This book is aimed at women specifically, but its insights would be useful for any minority group. “InSecurity” will also be of interest to managers, leaders, parents and anyone wishing to encourage others to live up to their potential. Frankland logically works through the challenges, from identifying, hiring and educating to retaining talent, and it ends with calls to action. Bottom line: I recommend this book for the Cybersecurity Canon Hall of Fame. Reed the full reivew here.

Wall of Gratitude & Sponsors

IN Security began as a Kickstarter project. We're immensely grateful to #WOCinTech for allowing us to use images in the campaign, and everyone who supported the project and pre-ordered a copy of the book. My wall of gratitude begins with you. I'd particularly like to thank Morgan Kay Phelps, Jonas Conlon and Bunmi Ogun who backed this on Kickstarter, and to shine the light on Simon Oxley, Melanie Oldham, Andrew Martin, Bill Woodcock, Oliver Gilkes, Gary Hayslip, James McKinley and Meg Layton, as they made a significant financial contribution, which demonstrates how much they truly care about the prosperity of cybersecurity.

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Together we can get more women in cyber & make the world safer, happier & more prosperous.

INSecurity Movement Research

Research is a vital component of the IN Security Movement initiative, as it holds the key to unlocking valuable insights and solutions that can help drive gender diversity in the cybersecurity field. By dedicating resources to comprehensive research, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and barriers women face in entering and remaining in cybersecurity roles. Armed with this data-driven knowledge, we can develop targeted strategies and initiatives to attract and retain more women in the industry.

Through research, we hope to identify best practices, effective interventions, and innovative approaches that can create a more inclusive and supportive environment for women in cybersecurity. By leveraging data and insights, we can design tailored programs, mentorship opportunities, and career development initiatives that address the unique needs and aspirations of women professionals in this field.

Furthermore, research will shed light on the benefits of gender diversity in cybersecurity, showcasing how increased representation of women positively impacts the industry as a whole. Studies have consistently shown that diverse teams foster innovation, enhance problem-solving capabilities, and generate better outcomes. By attracting and retaining more women in cybersecurity, we not only create a more equitable industry but also improve performance and competitiveness.

Ultimately, our research efforts within the IN Security Movement aim to drive positive change, shape policies, and inform decision-making processes that will transform the cybersecurity landscape. Through data-backed insights, we aspire to build an industry that values and embraces the contributions of women, empowering them to excel and thrive in their cybersecurity careers.

To view our research, join the IN Security movement now.

INSecurity Movement Code of Conduct

The code of conduct that's presented here is an IN Security initiative. It was started by Jane Frankland, the Founder of the IN Security Movement after she published a blog, 'Women in Red Ball Gowns at Infosec. Why I spoke out.'  Journalist, Rohan Pearce, covered what happened in a Computer World article.

The code of conduct was then developed by Jane, its members and supporters. It’s a living, breathing initiative. This means, with more input, it will evolve. The objective for the code of conduct is to set a standard of conduct that can be expected of event attendees, speakers, sponsors, partners, facilities staff, and event organisers. 

The code of conduct outlines the behaviour and attitudes that can be expected from those who attend events, create them and hold the IN Security Code of Conduct badge/ logo (which is coming soon). It exists to provide a safe environment for ALL people in security and guarantees care and support. 

Code of Conduct Terms of Use

The code of conduct was developed by the IN Security Movement and its members in the summer of 2018. We have taken some material from Google’s and Geek Feminism’s Anti-harassment policies, which are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero License. As an event organiser, you have been granted full rights to use the TEMPLATE below, provided you acknowledge credit to their policies and the IN Security Movement. With permission, you are also allowed to use the IN Security Movement logo (coming soon) to demonstrate this standard. By using this code of conduct you agree to accept their Terms and Conditions.

Supporting Organisations

The code of conduct is supported by many event organisers and leaders. Read how CISOs, government representatives, and event organisers are pledging their support. 

ISC)² fully supports the need for an industry-wide code of conduct at events and conferences. In fact, our organisation has already developed a code of conduct that governs the behaviour of all registrants at our own events. We welcome Jane Frankland’s efforts to ensure that our industry creates an inclusive, respectful and welcoming environment for all.

Deshini Newman, Managing Director, (ISC)2 EMEA

We stand behind the IN Security code of conduct and this initiative. Attendees should feel safe, welcomed, and included at [Black Hat] events and not be distracted by inappropriate behavior or anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Jessica Hofmann, Senior Marketing Manager

"We need men to be on board with this movement and not only saying "no" to sexual harassment and indecent assault but also calling it out if you see it."



As a group we're all about raising awareness of cybersecurity and we can't do that if it's not a safe place to work. The code of conduct is important to all of us as we encourage more people to come and work into this awesome career field.

Erica Hardinge, Co-Founder

The Security Influence and Trust Group

We're trying to get a lot more women in Australia together, supporting one another, and inspiring other women to get into security. This movement and code of conduct is really important to us because we want to make sure that all the women who are coming into this field know that they have a safe place and that it's a really great industry, as well as those who are already in it.

Jacqui Loustau, Founder


We need to hold not just ourselves accountable for wanting to do something about this, but everyone else accountable aswell. We want to set the tone for how we do this, so it's inclusive and collaborative not only for the next generation coming through, but for all of the existing generations that work in our sector.

Michelle Price, CEO


We're keen to attract and retain more women in security. We want this to be a safe space for when they come into the industry.

lynn Moore, Acting First Assistant Director General, Engagement Operations & Intelligence

Australian Cyber Security Centre

We're supporting the initiative as it's about making people feel safe not only in our industry but in life.

Damian Manuel, Chair

As a security profession we have the responsibility to hold trust and behave ethically. Having a code of conduct that we can measure ourselves against and makes sure that women and minorities feel safe to be here and get engaged is going to be a game changer. It's time and we are ready.

Jacqui McNamara, CHAIR

"WiCyS thanks Jane Frankland, the IN Security Movement, and its supporters for the development of the IN Security Code of Conduct, which this WiCyS Code of Conduct is based on."


The role of Women Speak Cyber is to encourage more women to get out there and speak at conferences, so the code of conduct is really important because we want those conferences to be a safe place for those women.

Louisa Vogelenzang, Co-founder

Women Speak Cyber

This is a great initiative. It offers a platform for people to be supported and to know that when they need help they have a community that is set up for them.

Shamane Tan, Founder

Cyber Risk Meet Ups

Our educational events MUST display professional behavior.  If we want more women to stay in our industry rather than leave it, our event culture needs to change.  I am thankful that Jane is leading a formal process initiative on how we report incidents and inappropriate behavior.  Whatever the nature of abuse, I want to encourage everyone to be compassionate and supportive to those who share their story. No one should feel uncomfortable, unsafe or fearful about doing this. Thank you for your leadership Jane!

Deidre Diamond, Founder

CyberSN and Brainbabe

At Rela8 Group we believe that everyone, no matter their gender, race or sexuality, should have the opportunity to develop themselves personally and professionally. No one should feel they have to miss out on opportunities to learn for fear of discrimination or abuse. That’s why we ensure that all our events moving forward will work in line with this code of conduct. It’s an amazing initiative that we fully support.

Paul Gibson, CEO & Founder

Rela8 Group
Paul Gibson

IN Security Scholarships

Since 2018, the IN Security Movement has enabled more than 419 women to receive our scholarships, a value approaching USD $1,000,000. By doing this, we have been able to further their education, raise their confidence and industry connections. Every year we provide scholarships and work in partnership with organisations such as Black Hat, the largest producer of information security events worldwide. Get on our scholarship waitlist now and we'll drop you an email when our next opportunities are out.

IN Security Pledge

Your voice and actions matter.

In 2017, the book, IN SECURITY: how a failure to attract and retain women in cybersecurity is making us all less safe, was published. It came at a turning point for the industry as attacks increased, group think reigned, and a skills issue loomed. The book called for several actions. 

The first was for better collaboration, knowledge share, and a change in attitude - giving to gain. That's why we set up an exclusive club for cybersecurity professionals called IN Security.  We hope you've joined it and are ready to take the next step - to pledge. 

We believe we have a unique industry, want to raise awareness of it and the fantastic opportunities it offers. We're passionate about securing cyber space and ensuring women are both welcomed and empowered to reach their ambitions within it. We know that when we work together to do this - as change agents or IN Security Ambassadors - we can make a real difference to improving diversity and inclusion in cybersecurity.

Take the pledge.

As our mission is to mobilise an effective cybersecurity workforce, we're calling for immediate action. This comes in the form of a pledge and we need your help. We believe taking a pledge is an important step to affecting change but only if there's clarity around why you're doing it and it can be measured. That's why we're asking individuals, event companies, and organisations to join us by pledging, and taking part fully. There are many things that you can do and ways to demonstrate your commitment. 

We've outlined them in our download, which you can access below. Once you've done this, we'd love you to pledge, as this enables us to measure. 

As an individual you can pledge to champion diversity and inclusion by educating the educators, tackling bias and inequality in the workplace, becoming a role model, a speaker at an event, speaking up during a meeting, or anything else that you think may be suitable. Download our IN Security pledge instructions if you need guidance and take the pledge.

As an event company, you can pledge to increase the numbers of women speakers and panellists at your event. When 40%+ of your speakers are women let us know and you'll be awarded an IN Security gold seal, which you can display on your website or in marketing materials. IN Security badges are symbols of pride, performance and progress. Contact us to discuss our IN Security pledge for event companies and check out our Code of Conduct, which you may want to use, too.

Finally, as an organisation you can pledge to hire in a non-biased fashion, ensure equal pay, further learning and development, build mentoring and sponsoring programmes, create awareness campaigns, inclusive networks, scholarships, bursaries, or outreach programmes to schools. We can help you do all of these things, too, and when you demonstrate your efforts, you'll be awarded our IN Security bronze, silver or gold seal, which you'll be able to use in marketing initiatives.

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