I see things simply…

If you’re a cyber security business owner or in charge of a cyber security team then you’re at the right place. I’m here to provide you with a one stop shop to help you develop your business or department or yourself in a modern, digital world. Working from a consultative approach, my philosophy is to address all aspects of your world and to share my knowledge of proven business and lifestyle practices in order to provide practical solutions to common problems. In other words I’m a fixer and I sort “stuff” out!

Who I am…

I’m a team of one who’s passionate about helping ambitious cyber security entrepreneurs or professionals achieve their business and lifestyle objectives. Without wanting to sound corny I care about you – your hopes, dreams and ambitions. I know what it’s like to be in your shoes – I’ve been there! I’ve struggled and succeeded. So, I exist to inform and educate you, and to help you achieve your business goals and aspirations, in the fastest time, and simplest way possible. That way I can enrich your life and contribute to your success. And, that makes all of us feel good!

What I do…

When you’re in business there are typically three things you need – 1) to make money, 2) to save money and 3) to get money. I concentrate on the first two. The other thing I focus on is work-life balance, which most professionals struggle with. So, if you’re not getting the results you want in these areas, just ask yourself is it because:

  • You don’t know how to get them
  • You’ve not got the resources
  • You’re not taking enough action, or even the right action
  • You’ve got a block or fear

I work with cyber security professionals to go through any or all of these things. My services will help you to:

  • Gain clarity and direction
  • Penetrate a new market
  • Build your brand, influence and reputation
  • Increase your exposure, ranking and profile
  • Be seen by the audience you’re marketing to
  • Be recognised as an authority or leader in your niche
  • Increase your leads, conversion rates and sales
  • Increase your prices, margins and profits
  • Gain your competitive edge

I’ve a range of professional services from consulting to coaching and training and would welcome a conversation to find out if we’d be a good match for working with one another.

Who I work with…

My clients are cyber security entrepreneurs, who have a growth vision and are prepared to do something about it. All share my core values and want to develop themselves and their businesses to their full potential. Whilst I don’t tend to limit myself to a particular niche, as I’d sooner have a conversation with you and establish whether we’re a good fit, I typically work with service-based cyber security businesses, and penetration testing companies are my specialty.

Why choose me…

  • I’ve a breadth of experience few can match. I’ve 19 years of cyber security business experience, from start-ups to multinationals; recovery to exponential growth, plus product to services.
  • I’ve organically built my own global 7-figure global cyber security consultancy.
  • I’m one of the top influencers in the UK cybersecurity market. IFSEC Global named me as the 3rd most influencial person in 2017.
  • I’ve won awards and been shortlisted for many including: Profile Dent Awards 2016; Editors Choice, Women in IT Awards 2016; Women in IT Awards 2016; Cyber Security Woman of the Year Awards 2016; MESA CISO 100 2017; Diversity Champion Cyber Security Awards 2017; Tech Leaders Awards 2017.
  • I’m the author of ‘In Security: How a failure to attract and retain women in cybersecurity is making us all less safe.’
  • I’ve been an SC Awards Judge for Europe & the USA in 2016, sat on the Infosecurity Europe event council in 2015, and was a Board Advisor for a forum with over 170 senior cyber security leaders in 2015 and 2016.
  • Through my companies, I’ve been instrumental in helping to form CREST, launching the Cyber Essentials scheme, and contributing to OWASP.
  • My forte is connecting, facilitating and teaching others how to develop business in cyber security.
  • I’m unusual as I’m both process-driven and creative.
  • I’m flexible and responsive to your needs.
  • I’ve a world-class attitude and a highly respected network who I regularly refer work to.
  • I make it my business to listen, understand and help you.
  • My commitment to you is the basis of my integrity.
  • Passion, fun, care and a commitment to excellence define my work.

My core values and guiding philosophies

My core values are based around entrepreneurship, freedom and empowerment. They’re central to everything that I do, in all my dealings with my clients, suppliers and business partners alike. My guiding philosophies are:

  • Defy the norm. Don’t let limitations (made-up or real) obstruct you. Get resourceful because where there’s a will there’s always a way.  I believe in taking action, being professional and finding a way no matter what. Access your brain fully and be a lateral, creative and out-of-the box thinker. Get smart, resourceful and build your network. Excuses are saved for amateurs.
  • Collaborate fully. We are better together. I know that in order to get the results you strive for we’re always better doing this together. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey and often you’re too close to your business and unable to see the wood for the trees. Having a coach and mentor helps as does having access to a network of like-minded entrepreneurs for support.
  • Continuous improvement. School is never out for the pro. I love developing people so I foster an environment of high standards and continuous improvement. I remain open to learning, believe in education and making it fun.
  • Trust your instinct. I take measured risks, listen to my heart and trust my gut. If it doesn’t feel right to me then I walk away.
  • Open, honest and clear communication. I treat others how I want to be treated and communication forms a big part of this. I expect open, honest and timely communication from those I work with.
  • Have gratitude and give back. I’m committed, proud and a difference maker. I genuinely care about your success, whether that’s in business, or your personal life. I also care about the environment as I’m sensitive, compassionate and socially responsibly. Giving back, helping others and paying it forward is built into my DNA.
  • Deliver impeccable, remarkable services and products. I take pride in my brand as it defines me. I strive to be the best at my game and concentrate on serving the needs of my clients impeccably. Service and delivering beyond your expectations is everything to me. That’s why I set expectations clearly and that includes my response times. If I can’t do something I’ll let you know in advance, and then find you someone who can.

My why

Helping cyber security entrepreneurs and professionals succeed puts fire in my belly, and I do everything in my power to ensure this happens. Through KnewStart, I want to make an impact on the world and I desperately want to see more cyber security businesses and teams thrive, so we can do a better job of protecting people, countries and businesses.

With an onslaught of attacks from cyber criminals, terrorists and armies, cyber security has never been as important. Our job – as entrepreneurs and cyber security professionals – is to protect the world’s operatations, its state of being, and future. So, clever you, if you’re excited by this, come join me. Be a part of what I’m doing by signing up below or contacting me for a discussion. I can’t wait to hear from you.