When cyber security business owners or leaders approach me for help it’s because they want to accelerate fast. Typically, I see commonalities: 1) they’re not recognised, known and trusted in the market, 2) they don’t know how to sell and market their offering, 3) they’ve not got a strategy or plan in place 4) they need their confidence raising. And, this is where I come in.

Imagine what it would feel like to…

  • have someone who’s done it all before to work with you and develop your business
  • have your own champion spurring you on and helping you grow in confidence
  • have a pipeline of business and money in your bank account
  • know that each day you’re making a difference to other people’s lives (yours included)

The good news is that all this is possible if you invest in me, as your coach, yourself, and some hard work. Being successful in business requires so many skills and with the help of a coach, who’s got a solid track record in growing remarkable cyber security businesses and teams, you can be confident in getting exactly what you need in order to accelerate.

What we work on together

I’ve several coaching programmes but if my clients are entrepreneurs they always start with the IN Security Business Accelerator. It’s a 90-day coaching programme, which focuses on how to sell, market and get clients. When we work together, we work to:

  • Establish where you are now, where you want to be and what’s getting in the way
  • Determine your business objective and set the strategy
  • Define or remodel your target market
  • Improve your online presence and positioning
  • Create or revise your sales brochures, tools and collateral
  • Develop systems and processes to support your business
  • Implement an effective marketing and communication plan
  • Equip you with sales skills
  • Provide you with reliable suppliers for outsourcing
  • Trouble shoot, inspire, support and build your confidence

How we work together

The first thing I do is establish whether we’re a good fit for one another via a discovery call. I do this by speaking to you over the phone, on Skype, Zoom, or in person. Once I’ve done this and agreed that we want to work together, I’ll send you an engagement form, take payment and schedule our coaching meetings. Coaching is then performed over Zoom.

When we start, you’ll have 12 coaching calls in total i.e. 1 call per week unless you advise otherwise. The calls are usually 1.5 to 2-hours long and I’ll be training you on sales and marketing techniques that attract clients to you, plus setting you homework to do afterwards. In between the calls, I’ll be there to review your homework, answer emails if you’ve any questions, and send you additional work if need be. In terms of the exercises you’ll have access to videos so you can learn new techniques, PDFs, exercises, scripts, resources and done for you sheets and sales/ marketing scripts. And, if there’s ever a time when I don’t have something you need (which is rare), I’ll create it for you.

Working with me is right for you if:

  • You want short-cuts to success
  • You’re passionate about positioning a world-class, ethically run cyber security business that’s known for quality
  • You want your cyber security business, service or product online with confidence
  • You want to make your dreams become a reality
  • You want a complete business development strategy or roadmap that gets results
  • You want money-making ideas, customized for your business
  • You want to grow your cyber security business on an international scale
  • You want a systematized, process-orientated business that works for you
  • You want to be recognized as an authority in your field, and be in-demand
  • You’re feeling stuck, or blocked, and need support from someone who’s done this before, and who’ll keep you inspired, on track, and having fun.

The investment

I’m in demand as a coach, and my private coaching programmes are by application only. I only choose to work with a handful of clients each year and investments start at £3,600. Scheduled, monthly installments are available.

Take the next step and apply…

If you like what you’ve read and want to apply for my coaching services please complete the Client Background Form

  • I’ll then get back to you via email within 24 hours.
  • I’ll schedule a discovery session, so we can establish whether we’re a good fit.
  • Once you’re happy to proceed, you’ll give me the go ahead.
  • I’ll email you the payment instructions, T&Cs and next steps.
  • If it looks like we’re not a good match, I’ll refer you to an alternative resource.