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I'm a tech entrepreneur, author, speaker and women's change agent. I'm also an unshakable optimist, environmentalist and pacifist, who wants to see our planet thrive. I believe the world will only be safter, happier and more prosperous when there are more women in male dominated fields, like cyber. That's why I work with women and businesses who value them, and am on a mission to make women standard in cyber, not exception.

One of the things I’m often asked is, how did you get into all of this? So, here's the story...

My greatest achievements are my three children. I'm a mum to two boys and a girl and it’s my favourite job. It makes me proud every single day. After this, comes my career. By the time I was 29-years old, as a single parent, I'd built a 7-figure business from the ground up, without seed capital. Whilst many may think this a huge achievement it's not actually the hardest thing in business to do. The hardest thing is turning around a company that's failing. Ask anyone who's done it.

So, let me start at the beginning and tell you more…

I'm an ambitious, driven, and passionate individual – a ‘high achiever' who makes winning a habit. I'm sure you know the sort. I've a diverse background, from being nominated as a Young British Designer after graduating, to building a leading global hacking firm and working with some of the world's biggest brands. It's a strange combination but you'll understand more in a moment.

My life changed direction when I fell pregnant straight after graduating.

As a child, I wanted to be a vet but as I was creative, I pursued art until my mid-twenties as a designer. Highlights included being nominated as a Young British Designer and selling work in New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo – to art galleries, including Christies, and fashion houses. Whilst it may sound glamorous, my life at that point was not. In reality, I was broke, and as a single parent could barely support my son.

So, a change had to be made. I was advised to leave my art behind and get ‘a proper job.' I retrained and entered sales, something I vowed, as an introvert, I’d never do. Working my socks off for Hays, a listed corporate that specialises in recruitment, and keen to serve, I rose through the ranks quickly and could do the job with ease.

Seeking a new challenge, and when an opportunity presented itself by a boyfriend, I decided to enter into a business partnership with him and build a cybersecurity consultancy. The company had enormous successes, winning some of the world’s largest corporations as clients. But it also had spectacular failures, which took every bit of effort to turn around.

After 13 years, my business partner and I called time on our relationship. It was hostile and complex as by then we had children together. But leaving him in sole control of the business, which was in hindsight a huge mistake, I joined one of the largest assurance companies in Europe. There, as a director, I was in charge of operations for the south east of England, USA, and Australia, and instrumental in re-branding the company's latest acquisitions. Then, after heading up sales for a South African company entering Europe and having to compete for business against the company I still owned, I decided enough was enough. It was time to release the knife that was twisting in my heart, take a leap of faith, show some courage, and get back to my roots as an entrepreneur.

So I resigned from that job and started a new venture. I felt compelled to champion entrepreneurship and to use all my business development skills to mentor others.

But life has a funny way of steering you onto the 'right' path, just when you think you've got it all worked out. 

In November 2015, things changed when I read a report on the low numbers of women in cybersecurity. Shocked, I knew more had to be done. For almost two years I investigated the problem, performed fresh research, interviewed thousands of women and men, and gathered stories from all over the world. Late in 2017 my book, ‘IN Security: How a failure to attract and retain women in cybersecurity is making us all less safe’, was published and became an instant bestseller.

Since then, I’ve continued to do more research and empower women through my trainings, keynotes, blogs, and media work. Speaking out about harassment and inappropriate behaviour, I’ve also set up initiatives, which have made their way to governments all over the world. As a result, I've become a voice for the voiceless, a women’s change agent (bordering on rights activist), an influencer and role model to many.

By creating my own movement, and enabling more than half a million dollars worth of women’s scholarships, and contributing to charities I believe in, I'm able to fill my soul, work with some of the coolest people I know, and affect positive change every single day. And, I love it! Every day, I’m reminded how lucky I am, what blesses me blesses everyone, and as Steve Jobs said in his Stanford Commencement Speech, to 'Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Love what you do. Then you'll achieve great results!'

Forever in gratitude and excited about serving you.

My Guiding Values

My values are based around freedom, integrity and empowerment. They're central to everything that I do, in all my dealings with my clients and business partners. I define them like this:

1. Defy the norm

Don't let limitations (made-up or real) obstruct you. Take action, be professional and find a way no matter what. Access your brain fully and be a lateral, creative and out-of-the box thinker. Get smart and resourceful. Excuses are saved for amateurs.

2. Collaborate fully

Success is a team effort. Alone you can do so little but together you can accomplish so much more. So, stand on the shoulders of giants and hunt out the best people to work with. We are better together.

3. Continuous improvement

School is never out for the pro. I love developing people so I foster an environment of high standards and continuous improvement. I remain open to learning, believe in education and making it fun.

4. Trust your instinct

Take measured risks. Do what you love and are good at. Listen to your heart and trust your gut. If it doesn’t feel right, walk away.

5. Rise by lifting others

A true leader becomes great not by controlling but by empowering. Just as Goethe said, 'When we treat a man as he is, we make him worse than he is. When we treat him as if he already was what he potentially could be, then we make him what he should be.'

6. Have gratitude & give back

I'm committed, proud and a difference maker. I genuinely care about your success, whether that’s in business, or your personal life. I also care about the environment as I'm compassionate and socially responsibly. Giving back, helping others and paying it forward is built into my DNA.

7. Open, honest & clear communication

I treat others how I want to be treated and communication forms a big part of this. I expect open, honest and timely communication from those I work with.

A Selction of Keynotes & Interviews by Jane

A Selction of Podcast Interviews by Jane

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Questions I Get Asked a Lot...

What services do you offer?

I offer a variety of services from consulting to training, coaching, keynotes and membership.

what service are you most excited about?

The Source. It's my membership for women and businesses who value them, and I've been working on it for years. I'm so excited about this platform, and how it will evolve and impact the industry.

Do you only work with women?

I work with any gender or anyone in between genders. I like to call my clients human beings! ;)

How do I contact you for an interview or podcast?

The best way is to use the Book a Call button. That will take you straight through to my booking form. If you can't find a time, drop me a message at [email protected]. If you don't hear back from me or a member of my team within 48-hours, message me on Twitter or Linkedin. Email can be tricky! 

What makes you different?

Over the years I’ve seen business through many lenses. And, what I’ve noticed is this: 80% of consultants drive up their client’s costs because they’re inexperienced and work on solving the wrong problem. As an experienced consultant and leader, I’m confident in being able to diagnose correctly and start-up or reignite growth. I’ve a breadth of experience that few can match, and I’m readily available to help you at every step of the way. I’m passionate about transformation and make it my business to listen, understand and help you achieve your ambitions.


The only times I do keynotes or speaking engagements for free are when they align with my mission and are for a charity or initiative I believe in.







Find a way if you can. Really ask yourself, is this you putting an obstacle (money) in your way. If you've done that and are adament that's not the case, keep an eye out for my scholarships. In fact, get on the waitlist, so you can be emailed when the next opportunities occur. For the last 3-years I've enabled more than 335 women to receive these, and they are life changing. You can also take my masterclasses. You'll get some good results from these and they're always free. Additionally, read my blogs, follow me on social media, and if you're a woman, join The Source. It's my brand new offering for women in cyber and there's an entry level membership which is free! :)


  • Horses are in my soul and I started riding when I was 2 (note my parents are not horsey).
  • I love animals, am passionate about animal welfare and conservation, and have been a vegetarian since I was 4.
  • My first stab at being an entrepreneur was at 6 when my brother and I decided to put on a puppet show. (Cringe). My next was at 19 and it paid for a 2-week holiday abroad with “the boyfriend.”
  • I'm a Brit and by the time I was 11, I'd been to 7 schools, lived in Brazil, Scotland and much of England.
  • All of my holidays as a child involved camping, climbing, walking mountains, and surfing.
  • I'm arty. I graduated in art & design from Loughborough University, was nominated as a Young British Designer shortly after, and sold work in Christies art gallery.
  • I've got 3 children and have raised them as a single parent for most of their lives.
  • My brother and I worked together for 7-years. He still works in cyber.
  • I'm an empath, naturally shy, and an inrovert.
  • My favourite place to live would be by the ocean and mountains, somewhere warm, probably Italy, France or Greece.
  • I read, exercise and walk my Weimaraner dog, Luna, every day.
  • I'm a challenger by nature, strong willed, mission led, and target driven.
  • I'm a reasonable cook, but the only thing I say I'm brilliant at is making pancakes.
  • I wasn't made for domesticity but quite enjoy hoovering as it helps me think creatively. I know that's weird! 😉
  • If I wasn't doing what I'm doing now, I'd be a photographer or an architect.
  • If I could be granted one wish it would be to see more love in the world.

Books by Jane

IN Sights: 52 Insights for Women Working in the male dominated world of cyber

This little book has been created to give you the answers and shortcuts you need—fast. It’s a curation of my top insights and golden nuggets of wisdom that I’ve gathered along my way as a mother, female tech entrepreneur, and executive working in a male dominated industry, cybersecurity. These are the things I would have loved to have known earlier in my career. Things that would have made my life easier and perhaps my impact greater.

IN Security: Why a Failure to Attract and Retain Women in Cybersecurity is Making Us All Less Safe

By combining stories, interviews and data with practical advice, golden rules and checklists, IN Security provides the means to understand why the numbers of women in cybersecurity have fallen, along with strategies for attracting, identifying, and retaining more women in cybersecurity. Jane's book is essential reading for anyone in cybersecurity or looking to get into it.

Journal & Planner (NEW!)

IN Focus Journal & Planner

I’ve created this journal for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I want to help more people focus and build the habits, rituals, and behaviours they want – at work and at home, so they achieve better work-life integration, health, and joy. Secondly, because I want to build measurable and sustainable transformation and impact in the world, particularly for women and girls. Now, I’ve found the best way to do this is by getting crystal clear, documenting your intentions, and tracking them in a journal.

Thought Leadership by Jane

With the business world evolving at speed, the only way you can stay abreast of the latest developments is by gaining access to regular thought leadership. My blog aims to help you understand concepts, encourage you to think differently and provide valuable tips that you achieve peak performance in your business or career.

Media Bio

Jane Frankland is an award-winning leader, best-selling author, speaker and women's activist. Having spent over two decades in cybersecurity, Jane is recognised by Wikipedia and LinkedIn (as a Top Voices), and UNESCO has called her a trailblazing woman in tech. She built her own global hacking firm in the late 90s, has worked as an executive for world renown consultancies and has contributed to leading industry accreditations, schemes and forums. She is a popular keynote speaker, university guest lecturer, awards judge and regularly shares her expertise in iconic world media, including the top broadsheets. She's known for spotting trends, bringing teams together for mutual wins and uncovering root problems with their remedies fast. She believes the world will only become safer, happier and more prosperous with more women in male dominated industries and it’s why she authored her first book, IN Security, leads the IN Security Movement, and has become a world authority on how to attract and retain more women in cybersecurity. She works as a speaker, trainer, consultant, and influencer with women and businesses who value them, and is following her passion to make women in cybersecurity standard not exception.

As a philanthropist, Jane has enabled more than 389 women to receive her IN Security women’s scholarship, a value of around USD 500,000. She is driven by her three children, an obsession to deliver outstanding quality and to make a positive difference in the world.

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