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I work with women in cyber and businesses who value them. From keynotes and influencer campaigns to consulting and women in cyber community, there are numerous ways in which you can leverage my expertise and experience to uplevel your business, career or event.

Thought-provoking, inspired insights on all things cybersecurity and women in business.

Increase brand awareness, build brand trust, drive engagement and boost brand sentiment.

Make women standard in your organisation through my proven consulting systems.


As a UNESCO trailblazing woman in tech, a top 20 global market influencer, I'm in-demand as a paid speaker, panelist and chair. I'm known to attract an audience, as I deliver thought-provoking insights in regard to cybersecurity or women in business, coupled with passion and inspiration. Over the past few years I've been engaged to speak at hundreds of events around the world for forward thinking companies, governments, societies, unions and commissions.

Additionally, for some of the world's largest events like WebSummit, Harvard Asia, Sibos and Black Hat. Although I can accommodate small groups, my audience sizes typically range from 100 to 2,000+. The topics I speak mainly about are in the cybersecurity field, the challenges businesses face in regard to protecting their assets, or about women in cybersecurity, technology and entrepreneurship.

I'm represented by an agent, the London Speakers Bureau, so to book me to speak or chair your event, please complete the Client Background Form. All I need to know is:

  • The event date.
  • The event venue.
  • The event name and purpose.
  • What topic you'd like me to speak about.
  • The speaker's fee.

Once I've got this:

  • Either my assistant or agent will get back to you via email within 48-hours.
  • We'll review your details, my diary commitments, and email you to accept or decline your invitation.
  • Upon acceptance, we'll send you my speaker's rate card and schedule a time for us to speak, so we can discuss the finer details.
  • Once we're happy to proceed the paperwork will be sent.

Influencer Marketing

With a large online following, honest and authentic content plus an engaged audience, from time to time I work as an influencer for major brands. This helps them to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost brand sentiment
  • Build brand trust
  • Drive engagement

I align myself with brands I believe in and who represent my core values. My assignments typically involve social media posts, blogs and filming. Assignments can be campaign driven or year-long. To discuss how I can work with you, please complete the Client Background Form.


Personal Branding & Executive Presence for Women in Cyber

My FLAGSHIP program developing women into confident and high-performing leaders and role models, minus the stress and overwhelm.


As a passionate and seasoned consultant, I have a 3-step process for ensuring women in cyber become standard and not exception in your organisation. Through it, I'll look at your strategies for attracting, hiring and retaining women in cybersecurity. Book a consultation with me now to explore the ways in which I can support you and ensure you reach your target.

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