A Membership Network for Women Executive Leaders.


The only private membership network focused on providing women executive leaders in cyber with peer connections, guidance and powerful collaborations.

Spring is for change making, pioneering executive women leaders. It’s the first of its kind in cyber, and it provides a radical and innovative solution to brainstorm, up-skill, share knowledge, develop trusted relationships, be held accountable and shape an industry in a safe, supported female peer group setting.

Exclusive Membership Designed for Women Executive Leaders in Cyber

Peer Connections. Expert Guidance. Powerful Collaborations.

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Network with peers who understand your needs

Our members are hand-picked for their unique skills, experiences, values and connections, so you join an exclusive global community of peers, who understand your needs and may have experienced your challenges.

When you join Spring, you're matched to a hyper-curated mastermind group, so you'll rise above challenges, improve your impact, benefit from huge cost and time savings, and walk away feeling confident, empowered and recharged.

The biggest breakthroughs come when knowledge is combined with connections and support. And that’s exactly what Spring is all about. As a mastermind member, the relationships you build are deep and will last a lifetime.

Spring is...

  • A private, vetted network for the most powerful women in cyber.
  • An exclusive, global community for gaining insider knowledge and insights.
  • A place to evolve - for growing your leadership skills, discovering your next role, collaborations, and magnifying your infuence.
  • A place for creating goals, visions, clear inner perspectives and boundaries plus correcting any imbalances that naturally occur from an over-adrenalized, highly pressurised 'have-do-get-now' security culture.
  • A place for authenticity, courage, unification and true steadfast feminine power. 

What we Look for in a Member 

Spring is an exclusive membership for women CISOs, senor executives, partner's, directors and accomplished VPs that’s focused, facilitated and confidential. There is very little marketing of it. All members are recommended and invited to join. They go through a strict application process, are matched to a mastermind group in accordance with their unique skillsets, get access to a private coach, resources, and sign a code of conduct. Spring is not for everyone. You have to have considerable experieince, be up for investing in yourself, demonstrate a willingness to give and receive advice or ideas, to take action, and support other members with kindness, honesty, respect and compassion.

Process Steps

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Hit the Apply to Join button and complete the questionnaire.


Once you've had a conversation with us, and we're both in agreement that we're a good fit, accept our terms and pay your membership fees.


Be matched to a mastermind group, coach, and get instant access to a community of peers who understand your challenges and needs.