The Source.

For Women & Companies who Value Them

Our Vision

To Make Women in Cyber Standard not Exception

Our Mission

The Source exists to help women and businesses who value them in cybersecurity. It's where we come together to add value, not point fingers. It's where we collaborate, unify and create communities that are positive, accessible and valuable. It's where we empower women to build their networks, grow their skills and access essential resources. And it's where we help forward- thinking businesses to draw on a rich, diverse pool of female talent.

How you Benefit from Working With us

The Source operates on a global basis and while most of our clients include some of the world's best-known brands, many of whom are listed on the global stock indices, we also have a selection of start-up and mid-range organisations. Our solutions incorporate consulting, training, mentoring, certification and talent acquisition. They align to the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5, 10 and 16. We offer a range of services and tailor our engagements to meet your needs. Working with us enables you to:

  • Attract and retain more women and top talent in cyber.
  • Progress more women in cyber into leadership and subject matter expert roles.
  • Increase innovation, performance, and revenue in your team, department, and organisation.
  • Lower your overheads to recruit top talent.
  • Shrink employee absenteeism and attrition.
  • Reduce the likelihood of employee litigation.
  • Become sought-after and more highly paid.
  • Meet your organisation's ESG commitments and invoke a more caring image of your brand with all associated stakeholders, be they clients, new recruits, partners or investors.
  • Raise share prices and future proof your organisation.
  • Achieve your KPIs, present a more caring and reap bonuses or promotions that come from them.


We offer unbiased, flexible consulting services to help you increase the numbers of women in your cybersecurity team. Our services range from assessing your hiring process and regular advisory meetings to support your gender diversity and inclusion efforts to creating and setting up a cybersecurity women's group or event. 

Each engagement always begins with a consultation so we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

Sponsoring The Platform

The Source provides a global community for women in cyber who want to learn, connect and exceed. We feature masterclasses, trainings, mentor matching, networking and valuable resources to inspire and empower women at all stages in their career.

Our partners benefit from our community as trusted partners. They share our values and through a vetting process we invite them to work with us in a unique manner, as sponsors or members.

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What other Leaders are Saying

Kate Kuehn, Senior Vice President

Simon Legg, CISO

The Source is...

  • A solution to attract and retain more women in cyber.
  • A global community of women and businesses who value them for gaining insider knowledge, inspiration, insights and know-hows.
  • A place to evolve - for growing your skills, discovering your next role, your next team member, collaborations, and magnifying your infuence.
  • A place for creating goals, visions, clear inner perspectives and boundaries plus correcting any imbalances that naturally occur from an over-adrenalized, highly pressurised 'have-do-get-now' security culture.
  • A place for authenticity, courage, unification, camraderie, fun and true steadfast feminine power. 

Make Women in Cyber Standard not Exception



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