Being You in Cybersecurity with Eliza May Austin 

 September 19, 2022

By  Jane Frankland

Women In Cybersecurity
Women In Cybersecurity, with Jane Frankland
Being You in Cybersecurity with Eliza May Austin

What does it mean to fit in to company culture and shouldn’t it be more of a case of feeling a sense of belonging rather than fitting in? Hear from Eliza May Austin, a co-founder of Ladies Hacking Society and the CEO of th4ts3cur1ty. company, an intelligence-led, adversary emulation, purple teaming specialist organisation.

In this rich conversation with Eliza, I want to know how do you be you in the workplace and do the right thing? We discuss:

  • The pressures to conform as a woman
  • Whether cybersecurity is more accessible than ever right now for women
  • Sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour at events
  • What you need to do when starting out in cyber, PLUS
  • The challenges and rewards of setting up the Ladies Hacking Society, and th4ts3cur1ty. company.

Eliza speaks candidly and provides so many insights in this episode. I could have chatted to her for so much longer. I hope you enjoy this conversation.

So, get comfy, pop in those earbuds, and get ready to hear what Eliza has to say.

To get in touch with Eliza, find her on LinkedIn at: https://linkedin.com/in/elizamayaustin

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Jane frankland


Jane Frankland is a cybersecurity market influencer, award-winning entrepreneur, consultant and speaker. She is the Founder of KnewStart and the IN Security Movement. Having held executive positions within her own companies and several large PLCs, she now provides agile, forward thinking organisations with strategic business solutions. Jane works with leaders of all levels and supports women in male dominated industries like cybersecurity and tech. Her book, IN Security: Why a failure to attract and retain women in cybersecurity is making us all less safe' is a best-seller.


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