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Every successful leader at some point in his or her career needs coaching and mentoring. From time to time you’ll get stuck, blocked and disillusioned. Breakthrough plans will be required and you’ll need someone at your side to bounce ideas off, confide in and help you achieve your goals. 

I understand what it takes for you to succeed in business and I’ll work with you to accomplish this. As a certified coach and experienced practitioner, I’ll help you identify your barriers to success, train and mentor you as you go. I offer a range of coaching solutions from ad-hoc power hours to strategy and accelerator programmes which means you'll get access to me on the phone or online.

I begin by working on your main problem and if you're scheduling a VIP coaching programme we'll agree the focus areas before we start. At the end of each session I may set you some work, which we'll review together at the start of each new session. Throughout my coaching programs you'll get unlimited email access for questions during the period we agree, reviews and support. My coachng services will get you clear on what you're doing, raring to go, inspired by what you can achieve, and importantly getting the results you want.

Book a discovery call to discuss which of my coaching packages (see below) are right for you:

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Training Programs

IN Demand 10X


A self study training program for women who want to build their personal brand, executive presence and eminence.

Client Attraction 10X


A self study training program for those who need to sell and want to attract an endeless stream of leads and sales.

IN Focus


A power hour for those who feel like they're drowning in overwhelm and are struggling to get clear on what they want. This hour will reverse those things and help you see the big picture, hear your own truth, and take the next step on your career path or with your business with power and confidence. 

What My Clients Say...

Jane’s program helped me get buy-in from my team, increase my online engagement by 300% and got me in front of so many exciting new opportunities.

Louisa Vogelenzang

Head of Cybersecurity - Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ) at Ceridian

Jane’s program helped me step into my power and transition successfully from an employee on the verge of burnout to an empowered boss lady.

Marilise de Villiers

Digital Change & Engagement Lead & Founder of ROAR!

Jane’s program helped me move into the spotlight. I couldn’t have done it without her and this program.

Fareedah Shaheed

CEO at Shekuva, Forbes Under 30 Tech Superhero






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By combining stories, interviews and data with practical advice, golden rules and checklists, IN Security provides the means to understand why the numbers of women in cybersecurity have fallen, along with strategies for attracting, identifying, and retaining more women in cybersecurity. Jane's book is essential reading for anyone in cybersecurity or looking to get into it and is an Amazon No.1 bestseller.


This little book has been created to give you the answers and shortcuts you need—fast. It’s a curation of my top insights and golden nuggets of wisdom that I’ve gathered along my way as a mother, female tech entrepreneur, and executive working in a male dominated industry, cybersecurity. These are the things I would have loved to have known earlier in my career. Things that would have made my life easier and perhaps my impact greater.

Praise for IN Sights...

Dee Deu // CISO

Any person of all identities will find an insight in this book that resonates and reinforces self worth and self love. Great advice and a book worth keeping on hand for a growth mindset and a little pick me up.

Kate Keuhn // Chief Trust Officer

This book was like a walk down memory lane for me, as I reflected on my own journey in cybersecurity. There were so many lessons I resonated with, and found myself sometimes between laughter and tears, while I would drift back into the memories of my own experience. It is a must have / must read for all women in our industry, wherever they are in their career. For myself, Jane’s wisdom, mixed with decades of insight, served as a phenomenal reminder of the North Star we should all look to. We belong here, in our roles, in this industry, and the world is safer because of it. Bottomline. Well done my dear friend, and I can’t wait to purchase it for all the women in my circle.

Helen Rabe // CISO

Wonderful enlightenment for those looking to build their personal resilience in the modern-day cybersecurity industry.

Anna Collard // SVP of Content Strategy

The ’52 INSights for Women in Cyber’ are not only very relevant for anyone working in cyber right now, but pearls of wisdom that should be shared with every girl child, and woman in any sphere of life or career. Jane’s insights resonated with me on a deep cellular level and reminded me to tap more into our intuitive life force to which we all – men and women – have access to but sometimes forget how to access.

Nicola Whiting MBE  // Chief Strategy Officer

This is the business equivalent of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" - everything about this book is thought provoking, insightful and uplifting. Do yourself a favour and buy a copy for yourself and your friends. You're worth it!

Jacqui Kernot // Region Lead

This book is great for insights and women at the start of their career but also holds pearls for more experienced women and acts as forgiveness, permission and empowerment for all of us combating the influence of the patriarchy in our already overburdened and overwhelming post COVID lives. If you don’t get at least three aha moments you haven’t read it properly

Praise for IN Security

Jane has written the diversity book for our generation. Her challenging, though-provoking and insightful work will make you question all your assumptions and working practices, and gives you the tools to answer those questions and make a positive difference. Jane has laid the foundations for us to make diversity happen and create the cybersecurity workforce of the future. Diversity has the champion it deserves, and her name is Jane Frankland.

Adrian Davies

CEO, Information Assurance Advisory Council

Uncomfortable reading at times, this cleverly written book shines a light on the imperceptible judgements and decisions which reflect conscious and unconscious bias in an industry already cast into the shadows by the black hats. Smart observations combined with her own experience bring both the problem and the opportunity to life. A call to action for those inside cyber to make a personal difference by 'throwing a starfish back into the sea' and a clarion call to women to consider a career in security. You have never been more needed.

Jacqueline de Rojas CBE

President, Digital Leaders

Jane clearly spent significant time gathering real-world examples around the challenges of diversity, and she shares great guidance and advice. This book is aimed at women specifically, but its insights would be useful for any minority group. “InSecurity” will also be of interest to managers, leaders, parents and anyone wishing to encourage others to live up to their potential. Frankland logically works through the challenges, from identifying, hiring and educating to retaining talent, and it ends with calls to action. Botton line: I recommend this book for the Cybersecurity Canon Hall of Fame. Reed the full reivew here.

Greg Day

CISO, Cyberreason

I truly enjoyed Jane's thought provoking stories that drive home the point - women must be included in the cybersecurity community for it to mature and meet its current and future threats. Talent should be mentored in all of its forms; a security program can't thrive if it’s one-sided, but in a full community it shall rise together and be reckoned with.

Gary Hayslip

CISO, Author

in focus


I’ve created this journal and planner for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I want to help more people focus and build the habits, rituals, and behaviours they want – at work and at home, so they achieve better work-life integration, health, and joy. Secondly, because I want to build measurable and sustainable transformation and impact in the world, particularly for women and girls. Now, I’ve found the best way to do this is by getting crystal clear, documenting your intentions, and tracking them in a journal.

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